"Ah, the state of California. Where the sun in the summer is like living among flames and in the winter colder than hell. If only I could have skin, I would tell you how cold it really was or how hot. But this place in California is absolutly wonderful. People almost daily getting drunk or high on something and trying to cuss out anybody who challenged them, and to even make it better, they get into car crashes sometimes on purpose! Yes, living here is jussst great.... Ah,hit me with a bat and shatter me to pieces, that would make things a lot easier, don't you?" The owl only fluttered its wings a little, then folded them again. "Yeah, point taken... I swear, no one knows of gargoyles anymore. It's always about dragons or goblins or something else. No even thinks of them anymore!" The owl came onto his shoulder. "Hoo." Its said, softly. "Exactly, who knows about gargoyles nowadays?"
"I know. Who?" He rested his head on his clawed hand and sighed. Hoo!" The owl fluttered at the edge of the roof. Standing up, folding the wings on his back he looked over the ledge. "Yeah... Who is that?" A young woman, probably eighteen or nineteen, with dirty blond hair, brown eyes, wearing a gray shirt black sweater, or jaket, light blue skirt that went down to her ankles and white slippers came into the building. The owl had flown off. "Well, better take a look." He came down from the roof and went into the building too, careful not to be seen from the girl. She was muttering to herself, and she was carrying a clipbord. The walls were mostly bookcases that once had wonderful books to read, but now the books were all over the floor in piles and some were scattered. The carpet was brown from the dirt, it once was a beautiful sky blue. He came close to being seen from her, but why did he have to worry? It was dark and the only light there was, was the moonlight that came from a window that was on the left side. It was the only window in the building. He had to worry, because he was a gargoyle. He was gray and there were cracks on his right wing, left leg and a large one on the left side of his face. His eyes were like white crystals. There were black rounded horns on the top of his head, one sharp horn on each wing and he had three fingers, and toe with sharp claws and he had a long tail with a spike at the tip. He hid behind a bookcase, careful not to twitch his tail. He knew that human eyes can detect movment easily and their hearing varies, except for the old ones, when their hearing decreases. She checked off something on her clipbord and walked around the place slowly.
"This place is really old... Losts of dust. Must've been here for decades." He thought, at first, she was talking to him, but then he relized she was only talking to herself. "I don't see much damage on the place, its only old." She doesn't even know the half of it. He thought. She turned and noticed the tip of his spiked tail. He didn't dare to move, not yet. She walked toward him and knelt down. She reached out, but he moved quickly to the top of the bookcase. "A possible rat problem."
"Rat problem?!" He blurted, then covered his mouth, as if he could stop the words. She took a step back. "Who's there? Please, whoever's here, don't hurt me!" She was scared. He had seen fear, and he didn't like it, so he spoke in a gentle voice. "I'm not going to hurt you, I promise you." She only seemed to be more frightened and he saw tears forming in her eyes. "Please! I'm only here to check out the building, I didn't know someone lived here!"
"I'm not mad, please, calm down." He wrapped his tail around a chair and pushed it towards her. "Sit down, if you want." She looked at the chair as if it were cursed. "N-no I'm fine, thank you though." He jumped down. "Can you tell me who you are?"
"I don't have a name."
"Well, you've got to be called by something." She said, inching towards the chair. "Why don't you tell me your name?" He asked. "Amanda. Amanda Rose Kinder. Now what about you? You've got to have a name." He was tempted to take a step in the moonlight and show her what he was instead of who he was. It's only human nature. Be patient. He thought. "Look, a name isn't important right now. Why are you here?"
"I'm here to only look around. It's an old place sir. Do you mind if I call you sir?" He nodded. "It's no problem to me."
"Well, I have heard that a creature lives here and I'm very confident that I can find it, but I don't believe that it's a fantasy creature like a dragon or goblin or something. I'm sorry to disterb you sir."
"Wait. Where did you hear this?" She shrugged. "A few boys, maybe they were twelve or fifteen, younger than me, I know that, but they seemed like they knew about this place very well." Not those guys again... I didn't know when halloween was! It was a stupid mastake! "What kind of creature?"
"I don't know, but they said it was a demon or some creature from hell or something like that." I'm neither or those things! They've really got to get facts straight! I am made of stone! What other creature is made of stone other than a gargoyle?!" He screamed in his head. "I see, well if I find anything I'll let you know."
"Thank you. Oh! And you might want to take care of the rats, I thank they're starting to get a little... Well, they look like they're a problem, okay? Bye."

"Amanda Rose Kinder. It's a nice name, don't you think?" The owl had came back from hunting, and it looked like it was going to flip upside-down and still hold onto his arm. "Yeah, it is nice. The last name's a bit different, but it has a nice ring to it. You know, I'm thinking about going into to town one night and buying me a nocternal animal, 'cause I got a feeling you're stating to get a little board hanging around me." The owl looked at him as if to say, "Ya think?" He shrugged. "Yeah, I know, I know, but she was right about one thing, I gotta have a name...."
"No, no that won't work.... How about..." He thought of al the names that he read in books and whatever names he knew on television. Whenever he went into town to watch some television at his underground home. "Hoo?"
"I told you, that's not going to work." He almost snapped. The owl shifted a little. "I got nothin'." He finally said after some time had passed. "What kind of name can you think for a gargoyle? Would be funny if there was one name Rocky." He said, chuckling at his own joke, but the owl didn't say anything. "Alright fine." He looked around his surroundings and stood up. "Well, sun's about to come up, better go on home now." He told the owl. It flew off. He stood on a platform on the roof where he was always at when the sun was up. He got into his normal stance, looking down at the front door of the building to keep any intruders out. He unfolded his wings and made them look like he was going to fly down to get anyone that passed. Then he placed his claws at the ledge and then the sun came up and he froze.