The moon was full and the sun was gone and our gargoyle hero was waking from his stone slumber. Of course, he was already made of stone, so let's cut to the chase. His owl was already on his shoulder as if he was waiting for him to get up ever since the moon rose. He lifted his head and stood up. He stepped down from the platform and moved the owl to his other arm. Names kept going through his stone head as he thought of one that would be perfect to give himself. "Any ideas for names?" He asked his owl. "Hoo."
"For me, who else?" The owl didn't respond. "Yeah, I'm at a dead end too." He sighed, then a movement caught his eye. Amanda was walking towards the building again, this time she carried thick books instead of a clipboard. Quickly, the gargoyle ran inside, carrying his owl with him.
Inside, Amanda was reading one of the thick books. The moonlight was enough light for her to read. "Hey." He said, letting his owl go. "Hey, how's it going?"
"Pretty well, be careful my owl's on the loose. He gets a little testy when new people are around."
"Does he bite?" The gargoyle smiled. "Nah, he doesn't bite, but he will kinda scratch you with his talons if you're not careful." She nodded and continued reading her book. "What are you reading?" He asked. "It's an old fantasy book. It tells about dragons, fairies, goblins, gargoyles, all the fantasy creatures. Even griffens."
"Gargoyles? Did you say there were gargoyles in the story?"
"Yeah, they're one of my favorite fantasy creatures. It's kinda cool that they're neither good or evil. They protect and they can destroy and it's real cool to read about them. I like it better when the gargoyles are the good guys though." His smile grew. "You-you like gargoyles? I know a book that's all about them." She stopped reading and closed her book. "You do? Do you have it?"
"Yeah, look in the middle bookcase on the top shelf." She walked to the bookcases that were not lit by the moonlight and looked for the book. She pulled out a thick book with a gray cover and the pages looked like it was bought not to long ago. "This one?"
"Yeah, that's the one." She opened the book and looked through the first few pages. "Can I borrow it for a while? I promise to give it back." He chuckled quietly. "Sure, why not?" She smiled and read it while she was walking back to her spot. She tripped on a pile of books and quickly he caught her with his tail. She froze in both fear and awe. The gargoyle mentally slapped himself for doing something so stupid. He unwrapped his tail slowly and let her down gently. She looked around. "Y-You're not human are you?" She stammered. He knew he couldn't hide it much longer. "No, I'm not human."
"Then what are you?"
Come to the moonlight and I'll show you." She walked hesitantly to the window where the moonlight was. "Well?" She called. "Where are you?" He was hesitating. Slowly, he stepped into the dim light and kept hesitating to go into the light compleately. Once he was fully under the light he looked up. "So... You're a.... Demon of some kind?"
"Gargoyle." He corrected her. Her eyes widened. "G-Gargoyle?" He nodded. "You're a gargoyle?"
"That's what I said." She put the book down and looked at him. "You don't look like the gargoyles I imagened." She mumbled. "Yeah I know. People say that for the most part."
"So, you're the statue outside on the roof in the morning?"
"How did you know that?"
"I came over in the morning to see if someone was there." She said, picking up her books, inculding the new one. "You look so different at night than you do in the day."
"I know, isn't that kinda cool?" She nodded in agreement. "Yeah, that is true." His owl flew onto his shoulder. "Is that your owl?"
"Yep, the Great-Horned Owl. Found him when he was small."
"You mean a chick?" He shook his head. "No, I mean small. This is as big as he's ever gonna be." He said, shifting the owl onto his other shoulder. "Cool." Amanda said, reaching out to stroke the bird. "Be careful, I told you he bites." She nodded and took her hand back. "So, what's your name?" He didn't reaspond. He still haven't thought of a name yet. Quickly, he made one up. "Daemon." He said. "Daemon? Nice name for a gargoyle."
"You think so?" She nodded. "Well, you can expect me to come over every night." They both smiled. "I'll see you later Daemon."

"Daemon! Why did I say that?" He shouted. The owl didn't reply. "I mean, yeah, it sounds kinda cool and all, but still!" The owl looked like it was going to groan from listening to him talk. "Why did that name pop into my head first? I never heard of it before." The owl fluttered to the edge of the roof. "Well, it seems to have a nice ring to it. Why not keep it like that?"
"Hoo...." The owl said, the closest thing he could get to a groan. "Yeah, I guess it does, doesn't it? What do you think of it?"
-In the owl's mind...-
Please, for the love of God, shut up! Just once, can we just sit here and not talk?! Lord, you're making my head hurt! Just stop talking!
-Out of the owl's mind-

"Hoo!" It snapped. "What? You hungry or something? Then go on hunt, I don't care." The owl flew off with no hesitation. "Speaking of flying, I need to stretch my wings out." He said to himself. He unfolded his wings and took off into the air. He flew and observed the area, but he didn't dare to go into the city. Surrounding the building was a thick forest. Not the ones you can find illistrated in a fantasy book. Just an ordinary forest with trees, skunks, bears, deer, ect. He enjoyed flying over the forest. Sometimes he would fly into the trees and try to dodge the branches. But today, there was an odd tailwind and he didn't know how far he was until it was too late. He couldn't even see the building and the trees were taller, much taller. He didn't know of this place. Then, an odd bird flew over his head. The bird had dark purple feathers that were almost black, its eyes were golden and its beak was long and slender. He was about to find out where that bird was going, until he spotted a cave. A sudden amount of curiosity sprung in him and he flew towards it. At the entrance, there was only silence, but he knew there was something. "Hello? Any one here?" His voice echoed in the cave. "Heeelllloooo?" He called. Nothing but his own voice was heard. He didn't unfold his wings yet as he walked into the cave. He was about to head back, but then a voice came out so suddenly that he jumped. "Who dares to wake me?"
"Aahh... Daemon. I-I'm a gargoyle." What are you thinking?! Why are you telling this... person or thing who and what you are?! You don't even know if its a human! He screamed in his thoughts. "Daemon? Gargoyle?"
"That's what I said... Miss?"
"I am Troka. I, too, am a gargoyle. Tell me, how did you get here?"
"I was out flying and there was this wind and-"
"Say no more. You are a gargoyle, and therefore you will take order from me. Am I correct?" He thought for a second. "How do I know that you're even a gargoyle?"
"How do I know you're a gargoyle?" He didn't find an answer to that. "Then we will just have to assume. Will you work for me or not?"
"Why would I?"
"Because, you need someone to give you something to do and I need to have someone to carry out missions." He took some time to think on this, then he finally agreed. "Alright. I'll do whatever you'll tell me."