I Could Love You

The cold is finally relenting leaving most nights sharp and brisk.

But we're kindly excused from the elements within the confined privacy of the backseat of my car.

Actually it's a little too warm…a little too stuffy. And there's just a hint of awkwardness in the air.

It's simply been too long.

Weeks since I last saw you.

It leaves me uncertain and shy almost like it's our first time all over again.

Through the dark, your blue gaze watches alight with mischief accompanied perfectly with a playful smirk.

I scoot closer toward you and force up a smile of my own, cause the last thing I ever want is to be nervous around you.

I lower dark lashes and lean in close you lean in as well and through the dark heat that surrounds us I quietly speak.

Destroying the moment with something sarcastic and smart assed.

My defense mechanism.

Cause I don't do uncomfortable well. And what better way to salvage the moment than with an ill placed comment?

A nice little reminder that, like this cracked moment in time, I am anything but perfect.

But you're ready, and you're right on par with me.

You reply with your own smart-assed comeback rivaling my sarcasm with that of your own.

It turns my uncertain smile into a full blown grin just inches from laughter.

My walls fall down, the tension is distinguished, and for a moment…I think I could love you.

I quickly push that thought aside.

Before I can rebuttal your remark your lips capture mine in a kiss full of need.

Cause as said before it's been a while.

In record timing the car's temperature has risen to a dastardly heat as hands roam over known territory and the kisses become more desperate.

Words we speak are soft and warm and candy coated with laughing smiles.

Cloths become an irritable burden; fingers trace patterns over hot skin.

A kiss here and a kiss there.

Delicious moaning fills the fevered atmosphere.

Whether it's you or me…I've lost track.

Nimble fingers rake through your hair and you're tolerance is wearing thin as you impatiently pull against my cloths.

Fantastic and raw, gasping and grinding.

Soft noises in the night through a fog induced bubble that becomes our entire world.

One, in which, I only share with you.

And by the time we're done your smiling and sweating and watching me with such a fierce intent…and I just know you're expression is the perfect reflection of my own.

And for a moment…I swear I could love you.

I quickly push that thought aside.

Soon we're clothed and windows are open letting in some of the cold and that ever dreaded sense of reality.

We take our time talking. I don't know when I'll see you again and it makes me wanna cherish moments like these.

I try not to read too much into it

We're both tangled in our own lives and a relationship does neither one of us any good right now.

We're both okay with it.

It's simple.

It's convenient.

And it's fun.

The steam that shrouds the windows is just about gone.

You're speaking is a low comfort in the background that I only half pay attention to as I gaze at the half lowered window at the dark night sky dotted with the random star.

A small section of fog remains on the bottom corner of the window.

Without even thinking I reach a hand out and shape a small heart into the steam.

Once I sit back your talking has stopped and we both sit back to admire my slap-stick work of art.

But before I can move to wipe it from existence you lean over.

And as always you're ready.

Right on par with me.

Rivaling my random actions with that of your own.

In the steam you draw an arrow piercing through my heart.

I look up to you with a laughing smile and you look down to return it with one of your own.

And for a moment…I love you…

It doesn't take long for the arrow and heart to dissolve into nothingness.

And I quickly push that thought aside.