I've always prided myself on knowing things. The wacky, the weird, the statistical, and just basic common knowledge. Of course I know more, but if I start talking science to you, we'll be here all night. My philosophy is that everything has a reason, and reason is everything. Without reason or rational thought, what exactly are we?

My name is Randy Parker, and I am seventeen years old. I live a normal type of life. I have a set of parents, loving mother and father. And I have a younger sibling, Reina. If you've ever heard of the Parker sisters, you'll know that we never go anywhere without each other. We're closer than twins are sometimes. I was her sister, her friend, and her protector. However, I failed her. When my little sister was taken, the proverbial shit hit the fan, and I was forced to abandon my beloved philosophy I had kept to for more than five years.

I was forced to recognize something that I had deemed virtually impossible, something that belonged in a fairytale. Of course, it took me a while to actually believe that it was really happening, and that my sister had gotten taken. Now, I don't expect you to believe me of course, but you'd believe anything if it got your little sister back safe from harm. My life turned upside-down from that moment on, and nothing was the same for us ever again.

Chapter One

It started with Peter Green, I guess. He's the town crazy, for lack of a better term. When I was working in the store our quaint little town took pride in, he came stumbling through the doors, drunk from his last endeavor.

"What'll ya have Pete?" I drawled slightly, closing the register while I peered over at him.

"Hey little Randy girl. Let me get some of the good stuff yeah? I'm gonna need it for tonight." He slurred slightly, making his way over to the counter.

I rolled my eyes and jammed a thumb to the back room. "I can't serve ya since I'm under age, but I'll get Jim up here to get you."

"No need, Randy. I'm here." Jim said, smiling at Crazy Pete.

Jim grabbed the best bottle of alcohol (I couldn't tell ya the name of the stuff) and rang it up for Pete.

"Having a little party eh?" I asked Pete, striking up a little conversation. Peter may have been a drunk, but he was relatively harmless, wasted or not.

He was what you would call a 'hallucinatory' drunk. He would see things that weren't there, but he would be able to tell that the real things were always real. Like myself and Jim for example. Other than that, he spouted off mythical nonsense.

"Not really," he said, swaying in place while he took his bottle from Jim. "How much I owe ya Jim m'boy?"

Jim laughed and shook his head. "On me, Pete. You just enjoy your night."

No one really knew why Pete got drunk and stayed that way most days. He was the type of person that people enjoyed having around for company. He had a bit of a scruffy gray beard, and his eyes were the brightest blue for miles around.

He also talks about his tattoos. A random swirl on his arm, a line of thorns down his leg. But you never get him quite drunk enough to talk about the taboo tattoo on his back.

One night I was cleaning up while Jim was counting stock, when Crazy Pete came stumbling in. "Hey there Pete," I said, putting the broom aside.

"Randy girl, have I ever told you bout my other tattoo? The one on m'back?" He asked, leaning against the wall to keep some semblance of balance in his drunken stupor.

I had shaken my head to him, curiosity taking hold and gripping me with its talons. "What is it?"

He shook his head much like I did, but more to himself as if he didn't want to tell that tattoo's story. "No, no. I eehhhh…need another bottle. Get Jim boy up here alright?"

I called for Jim who was still in the back. He came out and rang Pete up, but my mind was still stuck on that hidden tattoo on Pete's back.

I blinked slightly as my eyes focused again, clearing my thoughts as I focused on the man before me. He smiled slightly. "I might not be back for a long while, if at all. I'm hunting faeries tonight. Nasty little buggers and all that."

Jim and I looked at each other, then back at Pete. If there was one mythic creature Peter Green wouldn't talk about, it was faeries. So imagine our surprise when he actually began to speak about them!

"What do they look like?" Jim asked, and I peered over at him. He gave me a look that said, 'I'm just striking conversation,' and I left it at that as I turned back to Pete.

"They age like we do, the faeries," he whispered, hugging the bottle to his chest. "But they stop looking older when they get at least mid twenties to thirties. They have large wings that come in a variety of colors. The wings match the eyes. Randy girl, you would have green wings. Maybe a forest green rather than an emerald. Jim, yours would be a deep ocean blue. Not much like an ice color.

"They take children too. I can't say they bring the little ones back, but they take them. You can only see the faeries if you believe in them, so I see them running through the forest every night. They're planning something, they are. And I'm going to head out to stop them evil creatures."

Peter started at us for a few moments before he nodded. "I just thought I'd tell you what I see every night, since I might not be back. Take care, Jim, Randy."

Jim and I cast looks at each other before looking back at Pete. However, he had disappeared into thin air. That wasn't the last time I would see Pete though.

I patted Jim's arm and headed in the back to take off my apron. I shook my blonde hair while I pulled the hair tie out of it. "Alright Jim. I'm heading home. It's getting late, and Reina will want a bedtime story from me tonight." I called, adjusting my shoes and pulling on my jacket.

When I came out again, Jim was still standing there, a curious expression on his face. "What's up?" I asked, peering up at him. He was much taller than me, that was a no-brainer. He was at least six feet, while I brushed by five and a half.

"Have you ever wondered that maybe Pete gets drunk for a reason? Maybe these things are real. These creatures of myth. What do you think?" Jim asked softly.

I smiled at him, before shrugging slightly. "Who knows what goes on in Pete's world? Who's to say that these things aren't real to him? I mean, they don't have to be real to us you know."

Jim nodded, satisfied with my answer. He brushed a lock of brown hair from his forehead as he blew a breath out. "I'll lock up then. You be careful heading home alright?"

I nodded and zipped up my jacket, heading out into the dark. Jim was a sweetheart, but since he was twenty-one and I was only seventeen, any relationship we tried to pursue just wouldn't be right. Yet, anyway. Besides, he was cute, but there are plenty of girls who fall over Jim, so he could have any pick of them.

I'd rather just stay out of his way, since he was technically my boss. Well, the son of my boss anyway. I pulled my hair to the side while the wind blew gently down the street. Some odd leaves rolled across the ground, and the hint of spring was in the air. I couldn't wait for the flowers, but most importantly, a season with no cold or snow.

Something moved in the corner of my vision, and I slowed slightly, turning my head to the forest. Was there something moving out there? I tugged my jacket up further and kept up my walking. Crazy Pete and his stories were getting to me. Though, for a second there, I thought it looked like a child heading into the forest.

Get a grip on reality Randy. Philosophy: Everything has a reason, and reason is everything.

I lessened my tight hold on my jacket before sticking my hands in my pockets. I whistled a tune to keep out what sounded like a child laughing, when it was probably just the wind.