The Death Zone

By Emmaa x

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Chapter 23 – It's a plan!

As I opened the door, four pairs of eyes turned to stare at me, some (Arianna) were accusing, while others showed concern.

I looked at each of them in turn, holding Arianna's gaze slightly longer than the rest, just to let her know that I'd heard what she said and I was not impressed. I almost smiled at the bright red mark on the side of her cheek where Aden must've punched her. Almost.

"Are you okay?" Ben asked gently from where he stood, leaning against the wall nearest to Sam who was lying on the bed.

Arianna huffed and I nodded once before clearing my throat.

"The Snow Globe is..." I swallowed and looked at my feet, "a machine, of sorts. It um... makes you feel as though you're in this place and that everything inside of it is real, but it's only really an illusion, false." I paused for a second and looked up into similar confused expressions. "Okay, um how to put this... Right, okay, it's like when you're in a dream, everything seems real and then you wake up right? No harm done. Only, in the Snow Globe, everything you do happens in real life. So..." I was really making a mess of this description and the many blank looks I was receiving confirmed that. "So say you get cut when you're hooked up and you're in your dream, fantasy or whatever you want to call it, and you fall over and cut open your knees, when you wake up, those same cuts will be there."

"This is all great and everything, but what the hell does this have to do with Sam?" Arianna's impatient and sarcastic tone was seriously irritating me and I really wanted to go over and give her a matching left cheek.

"Look, I don't know exactly what happened to Sam, but I can tell you what happened to me. I woke up in a room..." I proceeded to tell them all about how I escaped the room, what I saw there and then how Arianna and Matt appeared before disappearing. The looping weather cycle and continuous circle's that I walked in. Feeling tired, thirsty and beginning to feel hysterical, on the verge of madness.

I stopped there and then looked pointedly at Sam.

Everyone else in the room slowly followed my gaze.

"You think he's gone mad?" Matt asked quietly.

"I can't say, but all I know is that if I hadn't woke up when I had..." I left the statement hanging in the air, not able to finish it and looked at Freya, "Can you look into his mind, sense his mood or something?"

"I'm trying but everything's all... jumbled up." We all watched Freya in silence for a couple minutes as she rested on the edge of the bed, her palms gently resting around the sides of Sam's head. "He's confused and scared and... weak." She finished in a flat tone and looked at us all helplessly.

We all sat in silence.

I was trying to figure out what was wrong. Clearly Sam had some mental issue going on, but how could we help him?

"Look. I don't know if this will help, but I think I know what's really worn with him." I looked at Aden before continuing, "Sam was inside the Snow Globe, but instead of forgetting the experience like you, or remembering and waking up like me, I think... I think he's still 'asleep' if you can call it that."

"I think I get what you're tryin

g to say" Ben voiced, "All of our brains have different ways of dealing of with confusion, pain and all that crap. Aden just simply forgot the whole experience; his brain erased it from his memory so that he didn't have to deal with it. But maybe Sam 's brain couldn't do that and maybe because of that, his brain doesn't know that he's 'woken up'." Ben made little quotation marks with his fingers in the air as he spoke the last two words and I had to wonder when he had become so smart. Obviously I'd never known Ben before the Freak Cell, but I guess I'd never really thought of Ben that way; it seemed too... normal.

There was another somewhat awkward silence.

"Well we have to do something. We can't leave him like this." It was Arianna who stated the obvious and okay... I snapped.

"Well then you come up with some fucking brilliant idea to fix him then!" I couldn't help but wonder when Arianna had changed. I mean, she'd always seemed a little hostile towards me, but lately, she'd been outright rude and a total bitch.

There was a stunned silence after my little outburst as Ben, Matt and Freya all froze and stared at me wide eyed. Arianna just looked annoyed and glared at me, venomously while Aden was trying hard not to laugh; biting his bottom lip so hard he just ended up wincing.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." I said sourly and this time Aden couldn't hold it back.

"He needs power..." Freya was mumbling quietly to herself, her hand still placed gently on Sam's forehead and her head angled downward. She seemed to suddenly come back to the group and lifted her head. She looked around at us all seriously before holding my gaze and saying simply, "He needs more power. In his weak state, his brain doesn't have the energy to discern real life from the illusions. At least, that's what I understand."

I noticed Arianna and Ben sharing an odd look on the other side of the room; Arianna seemed to be trying to convince Ben of something.

Matt too had noticed the silent argument, "Well come on, spit it out."

Ben gave up, sighed and shook his head, "Arianna thinks that, because he needs power, we should go to..."

"Reed." Arianna finished. She looked at me as she said it, a tiny spark of hope(?) making her electric blue eyes seem to glow next to her pale skin and ebony black hair.

"What? No! You know what he can do!" Freya stood up, shocked.

"He needs power Freya, what else do you suggest to fix him?"

"He's not a toy Arianna, he doesn't need fixing, he needs helping and Reed doesn't help! You know what he did to Jade. How long it took her to recover."

"But it's different, he won't be taking it, he'll be transferring. Sam will be fine. Come on, you know it's the only way."

Arianna was actually pleading with Freya and although she was frowning and looking deeply troubled, I could tell she was beginning to agree.

Matt looked equally as troubled, "Okay, so, say we do go to Reed, but I'm not saying we will," He quickly backtracked after a harsh glare from Freya, "Um, who would he transfer it from?"

Everyone turned to me.

I was so confused right then, "What?" I said, kind of scared by the look on their faces.

"No way." Aden said stepping forward, "There is no way in hell, I am letting Reed anywhere near Alex."

"Me either. He's dangerous Arianna." Ben stated.

"And the rest of aren't?" She stated incredulously pushing up off the wall and walking over to Sam's side. "Let's face it, if it was Alex like this, you'd all be jumping at the chance to be a donor." She finished bitterly.

"Arianna that's not fair-"Matt started.

"Maybe not, but it's true. Ben, Aden Sam, you're all fighting for the chance to-"

"That's enough." Ben raised his voice and he actually looked angry I think, for the first time. "There is no way Reed is going near Alex. End of. Come up with another plan."

"Wait a minute." I finally got a word in, "Firstly, I am so totally in the room with you guys, so stop talking about me like I'm some clueless shithole in the room next door." ...So I was a little cranky... "Secondly, who the hell is Reed? And thirdly, I'll decide who I go near and what I do. No one else." I looked pointedly at Aden and then Ben.

"So stubborn..." Aden muttered under his breath and I raised an eyebrow at him signalling that 'I would not forget'.

"Reed is a Freak who can... take or give power to other freaks."

"Okay. So..." I trailed off, trying to process what Ben had just said.

"So, you should go to Reed, let him take some of our power and then transfer it to Sam." Arianna stated, staring me straight in the eye with little to no emotion.

"Arianna-"Freya started and I could tell the others were about to say something as well but I cut in.

"No... She's right. I should go. I have extra power after that whole... incident and right now, Sam needs this power more than I do." Arianna actually smiled, and not in a mean or condescending way either, a genuine smile. Yep, I know I think everyone should just take a minute to digest that information as well.

"Alex, you don't know what he's done-" Ben began,

"Is there any other way to save Sam?" I left the question for anyone to answer.

I didn't get one.

I stared Arianna straight in the eye, "Where do I find him?"

"Jeez, would you watch where you're going!" Arianna was, again, yelling at another Freak that didn't move out of her way. I rolled my eyes.

"What?" She glared at me and I grinned. We'd being on like this for the past five minutes.

Arianna hadn't told me where to find Reed, but said it would easier if she showed me. There had been objections, but I'd left with Arianna nonetheless.

Ever since we'd left and joined the flow of Freaks in the corridors, she'd been yelling at practically everyone she saw.

"Do you have to yell at every single person you see?"

"Do you have to piss off everyone you see?"

I thought about it.

"Yeah, I guess so." I glanced at her and she rolled her eyes.

"Look-" I began,

"Hey, just because we agree on this one thing, doesn't mean we start to talk to each other."

"Right, back to being a bitch I see."

She stopped walking and turned to me, angry, "You haven't been here more than what, two, three weeks? Try living in this hell hole for fucking two years!"

Breathing heavily, she stomped off again, not even bothering to yell at people anymore, instead just shoving them out the way.

I thought about what she'd said and considered the fact that, had I actually spent two years in the Freak Cell, maybe I would have been emotionally hardened as well.

I sighed before following her down the corridor.

As we rounded yet another corner, Arianna stopped by a door on the left hand side.

"This it?" I asked her and she nodded. I looked once more at the door and her before I stepped forwards, but just as I about to knock, the door flew inwards and I was confronted by a boy that was about two inches shorter than I was.

He was pale, with plain brown hair and bangs that covered his eyes.

"Can I help you?" His voice leaked arrogance and impatience, yet he also managed to sound bored at the same time. I already disliked him.

"Yeah, I believe you can." I said, standing up to my full height (what? It's not often I find people –especially boys- who were shorter than me, I was going to take the most of it).

He looked up at me, the bored expression never leaving his face. I was slightly started to see plain brown eyes, although upon closer inspection I noted a black outline around the brown. "Well?" He leaned against the metal doorframe and rolled my eyes.

"You're coming with me."

He raised an eyebrow, "Oh, and what makes you think that I'll just drop everything and follow you?" He looked me up and down and I sighed – here was the part I was dreading.

I took one step closer to him, "You'll come with me because you know who I am and what I can do."

He smirked, "I know what you could do, but can't now because of those." He gestured to my handcuffs and then folded his arms across his chest smugly.

"Oh for God's sake." I muttered, "I'm not threatening you with my powers dumbass," I paused and saw his smug expression falter slightly in confusion. I sighed "if you come with me and help, then I'll let you borrow it. My powers I mean, apparently you can do that." We stood staring at each other, and I could tell he was interested in my offer.

Finally he gave a slight nod of his head and then he stepped back, "Alright. What do you need?"

I smiled, "We'll explain on the way."

I turned around to walk back the way we'd come and towards Arianna who had disappeared back around the corner as soon as I'd spotted the door.

"We'll?" Reed questioned, but I ignored him.

I spotted Arianna as soon as I rounded the corner and she joined me. I was glad to see she actually looked a little impressed as she whispered, "How'd you get him to come?"

My expression turned grim as I replied, "Let's just say I made a deal." She looked as though she was about to say something else in protest, but then Reed caught sight of her and Arianna's expression instantly turned dark.


"don't, talk to me." The venom in her voice startled me and I turned to look at her, to ask what was wrong but she had already turned her back on Reed and I and was stalking up the corridor ahead of us.

As we followed her, Reed rolled his eyes before turning me, "she's so dramatic. I'm not that bad and technically what happened last time wasn't my fault."

"So, what exactly happened last time?" I asked, remembering back in room, someone mentioned something about what he had done to this Jade girl.

He laughed, "They didn't tell you?" I frowned "There was a kid, James I think," his expression changed and he looked almost sad- almost, "He was in the maze –like you were in- and something went wrong. I don't know all the details, but what I do know, is that when I was called, he was dying. Simple as." I digested this news, why hadn't any of them mentioned this James before? "Anyway, no one could figure out exactly what was wrong with him, and you know that Arianna has healing abilities. Yeah, well, she tried to use them, but her powers of healing are weak and it wasn't working so they found me because, as you know, I can 'borrow' people's powers."

"But if it didn't work for Arianna, then how would it work for you, if you just borrow her powers?"

"It wouldn't. That's why I had to take power from someone else, someone who was abnormally powerful –Jade (She was a lighter like you are). Anyway, I took her power and then Arianna's and then tried to blend them together," he was mixing his hands around in a swirling motion, " to get super powerful healing abilities."

We walked in silence for a bit and I had to restrain myself from asking what happened next.

Finally he began to speak again and I let out a breath I hadn't realised I'd been holding, "Anyway, it didn't work and James died. Right, in front of us all."

I topped walking and stared at him, "He died?"

"Didn't you just hear what I said?" He snapped and I took a startled step back.

"I'm sorry." He replied and ran a hand through his bangs before walking onwards again.

I quickly caught up to him, "You know its not your fault right?" I spoke softly, hoping not to offend him.

"Yeah, maybe his death wasn't my fault, but Jade's was."

I could see that this clearly haunted him, but I was seriously struggling to figure out how any of it was his fault, "Um, how exactly?"

He let out a shaky breath, "I took her power, like I told you, but I took too much. She was weak for ages and I couldn't give it back- I didn't know how to back then. Then... then she got taken into the Death Zone. I don't really know what happened, but I know that she never made it out, she didn't have a hope in hell, not without 90% of her powers gone." His voice was bitter and full of hate.

I felt myself warming towards his damaged soul -at first I thought he was an arrogant prick that had done some awful and selfish things to Arianna and the others, but now I realised that he was just trying to help. He hated himself for what he'd done to Jade, that much I knew and I wanted to help him, but I had no idea how.

I found myself going forward to hug him, "Yeah, well, that was ages ago now." I stopped abruptly. "So, what Shit do I have to deal with now?"

I sighed, "You were so close to sounding like a decent person then, you had me going for a couple minutes there." He smirked, "Arrogant prick" I muttered.

"Heard that."

"Yeah well... " I realised we were almost back at Freya's room and allowed myself a small amount of praise (Get in! I was finally learning the layout of that fucked up place) before turning towards Reed and quickly explaining what he had to do.

Arianna was waiting for us at Freya's door and she scowled at Reed before knocking. Matt opened the door and he looked tired, defeated. Then he saw Reed.

"Oh for Christ's-"

"Matt," Freya said, walking up to the door and placing a hand on his arm, "Play nice, he's here to help."

Matt scowled and walked back into the room. Freya and I shared a look and she rolled her eyes, then Arianna and Reed walked in and I followed.

The air was full of tension and I couldn't help but feel totally awkward as everyone was glaring towards Reed. I shuffled my feet awkwardly, "Well, this should be fun."

Reed chuckled and if possible the tension got even thicker.

"Okay really?" I muttered, before turning to Freya, "How's Sam doing" This deflated some of the tension s everyone seemed to remember why Reed was here in the first place.

"Nothing's changed. He still won't wake up." I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. Sam was the first person I talked to, the first person to be nice to me, to help me. I couldn't lose him.

I walked over to the bed were he lay. He was so pale deathly pale my brain helpfully conjured up, but I ignored the thought that echoed in my head. Not yet. I thought, not if I can help him.

"Reed!" I suddenly snapped, "Get over here!"

"So, demanding... I'm doing this-"

"Shut up and get over here." He muttered something before joining me at Sam's side.

We stood in silence for a bit and then Arianna joined us and the other side of the bed.

"Alex I don't think-"

"Aden, this is the only way. We all agree about that. Now shut up."

I heard an angry sigh, but I ignored him, this was about saving Sam.

Reed and Arianna were both looking at me and I looked around the room at everyone's faces once more, before looking down at Sam and saying three simple words that would decide his future.

"Let's do it."

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