Auburn hair blew behind Madjeselle. Deep evergreen eyes narrowed in consentration ahead of her. Stay together, no matter what. She whispered into the two glisdeles' heads. A blue arrow shot past her head and stuck into an oak tree ahead. "Damn, that was close." She whispered under her breath.

Madjeselle reached out with a leather wrapped hand and caught hold of the other horses reins. "Let go and sit back, I'm jumping over!" She yelled at the figure covered in a navy blue cloak. As the other rider compiled, Madjeselle swung her leather clad legs onto the blonde horse. Leaning forward, she said, "Hold on tight to the reins. Don't let go, no matter what." Without waiting for a response, Madjeselle pulled her bow and an arrow out of their holders and turned around, quick as a snake.

Letting the first arrow fly, she began to rapetly shoot the group of men. hitting her targets either squarely in the face or chest, they began to drop off their horses. When the first five fell, Madjeselle narrowed her eyes in consentration and "spoke" to the horses.

Buck off your riders. Then follow the other horses to freedom. Turning back around, she grabed the horse's reins and urged him into a quicker run. Run hard and fast now, she whispered to their two beasts, and i promise treats a nd lots of fresh water when we stop. They pushed on.

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