Just a little vulnerability, just a little hole,

And a sister figure enters right into my soul.

It starts with just a crack in my heart,

Expanding till it fully tears me apart.

It starts with just a simple feeling

Of having someone to look up to when I'm healing.

It starts with just a simple sense of dependence,

A belief that someone would care when I end up in a mess.

And then I land myself in trouble and I yelp,

My heart swells with hope when I ask my "sister" for help.

She turns her back on me, she walks away.

She has no time to listen to what I have to say.

She has her own life; she is tired, sad, and/or busy.

For her, ignoring me and my problems is really easy.

Now you see how I always end up getting hurt,

Lips trembling, tears flooding, my tender world blurred.

And then I pick myself back up and fight on my own.

I don't need a fake sister; I can make it all alone.

I lack a sister, but I have a wonderful family-

People who actually love and care about me.

I am back on my feet, and I'm getting my smile back.

This armor is impenetrable, this time I won't let it crack.

A/N: you can't imagine how much pain I was in when I wrote this. But now I feel more confident, I feel a whole lot better.