Emma left her conversation with Skye, heading back home. She parked her car and entered into the condo.

It looked empty save for the plush furniture, all paid for by the man who'd given them this new life. She searched for a note from her fiancé not expecting to find one. So she just put her bags and collapsed on the couch.

As her pregnancy progressed, she had expected to feel more tired. She'd researched online and read the laundry list of symptoms that corresponded with each trimester. Yet she didn't feel tired at all. If anything, she felt more energized. Her skin tingled, her muscles relaxed and if she didn't know better, her senses grew more acute. As if they'd been dialed up a notch.

She remembered her words to Skye, about not allowing anyone to take her baby away from her. The other woman had looked at her as if she were insane. But how normal was it to act like that after listening to a woman's desire to keep her child and raise it. After all that was what mothers were supposed to do. Birth a child, raise it, not just hand it away and forget about it.

"This is just so crazy," she said out loud in the empty room before walking into the kitchen.

Iced tea, or some ordinary drink would suit her now. Not that special pungent fruity beverage, thick and pulpy that was the mainstay of her diet. She'd hidden the tea mix in the cookie tin in the back of the cupboard.

Five minutes later, she had her tea in a tall glass and took it outside with her to drink while sitting on the porch.

Her eyes widened when she saw Kade standing next to a raised flower bed. His muscular frame dwarfed the chairs next to him. His eyes pierced hers and the fine line of his mouth let her know he was not happy. Though that wasn't a word that could ever be assigned to the man assigned to protect her during her pregnancy. No, not her, the unborn child.

She put her iced tea down on the table, not taking her eyes off of his face. He glanced down at it and then his eyes were on her again.

"Did you drink it?"

Her mouth grew dry.

"Only a little…"

His lips pursed in disapproval. He picked up the glass and poured the tea out of it while she watched.

"Now you know what I'll have to do…"

She tilted her face, not knowing if she'd like what he'd planned. He took one step closer.

"Face the wall…."

Phil stared at Stefan as they stood at the entrance of the conference room.

"I have been good to her," he said, "I'm following through on my end of the bargain."

Stefan sighed, appraising the man in front of him, if he could even be labeled such. Phil's body tensed and his mouth tightened.

"I mean you're getting what you want out of it."

"It's not what I want. It's what must be."

Phil snickered.

"Same difference…I make sure she's got a roof over her head, she doesn't starve and…"

"My roof, my food," Stefan said, "I provide everything."

Phil conceded that.

"I see to her day to day when I'm not traveling on business of course."

Stefan's eyes narrowed.

"Yes I see…and you are generously compensated for your efforts."

Phil tilted his face, a smirk across his lips. Stefan knew from the calculated look in his eye that he'd come to ask for more.

"But you want to increase your benefits…"

Phil sighed.

"It's just that I've put so much work into your company and so many hours…I don't have much time to spend with my fiancée any more…"

Stefan chuckled mirthlessly.

"And that pains you?"

Phil shifted his stance.


Stefan leaned slightly closer.

"It should…Emma's an exquisite creature…a superior example of your kind in every single way. Yet…you gave her up so easily…"

Phil smirked.

"You offered me the chance of a life time. Any man would be foolish not to take it. As for Emma, how does this hurt her? Women hire themselves out as surrogates all the time."

Stefan's face darkened.

"They knowingly do it in most cases and this isn't anything a surrogacy. Not for the product and not for Emma."

Phil rubbed the back of his neck.

"Yes but she's not going to remember after it's born…that it ever happened."

Stefan shook his head slightly.

"She might not make that choice…"

Phil paused.

"Then that's her problem…her mistake."

Stefan examined the man in front of him and thought if the human species were dependent on him to survive, it'd have died out years ago, an appropriate act by natural selection.

"So you want more as part of the deal?"

"Not much more…but surely you've seen how hard working I've been, how loyal to the company. Just a little more…"

Stefan's fingers itched to do something condemned among his kind ages ago. He smiled instead.

"The way I see it, you have more than enough. More money than you can ever spend, plush accommodations, everything you could ever need or wish for provided and…"

Phil pursed his lips. Stefan saw his mind work.

"And I do mean every single need and want…"

Phil frowned.

"What do you mean?"

Stefan licked his lips, not needing to look at his watch to know this meeting was over.

"That nice warm body that you've been fucking behind Emma's back. Consider her part of the generous corporate package."

Phil's mouth dropped open. Stefan enjoyed watching him squirm.

"I believe she's waiting for you in that hotel suite wearing the black bra and crotch less panties that are also part of the fringe benefits of working for me…don't keep her waiting. Emma's needs are not your concern."

With that Stefan took one last look at the man shrinking in front of him and walked down the hallway.

Emma swallowed the lump in her throat as she faced the wall, her belly brushing against it. She felt Kade behind her, shifting his position.

His hard body just inches from hers. His warm breath rasping around her. Soon she'd feel his rough callused palms on her softer flesh.

Her own body betrayed her again. That familiar tingling of her skin, the heat in the center of her belly, the wetness that would soon soak her panties. She didn't love him. Her body just knew who or what owned it right now.

Still a part of her remained her own. She sighed, her own breath ragged.

"Oh god…why…?"

His voice behind her, harsh and filled with promise.

"You know why…."

She felt the familiar rustle of clothing becoming undone behind her and falling to puddle at his feet. His muffled sighs as he stroked the part of her that had a life of its own. His hands brushed against her hips, his face leaning down so now she felt the warmth of breath on her neck. The scent of jasmine, sandalwood and more intangible scents, which were his signature teased her nose.

He moved closer to her, not quite pressing her and she gasped as she felt his hands move down the sides of her until they reached her outer thighs.

They caressed her inching up her dress, inch by inch in deliberate fashion. She instinctively spread her legs wider for him. Still his fingers teased her dress up and she bit her lip wanting to scream. He traced the edges of her panties, stroked her pussy lips and in between them as they pushed eagerly against the lace that sheathed them.

"If this must happen…"

The words came out haltingly as she struggled to form them. He didn't care, his fingers hooked underneath the hem of her panties.

"Take me inside. I don't want anyone to hear. Anyone to know."

He leaned closer to her.

"Everyone's going to know…"

She felt the sting of her thighs as he tore the lacy panties off of her discarding them. Baring her now, and she closed her eyes, the sensations overwhelming her as she now felt the hardness of his chest against her back.

A scream escaped her lips and she arched her body against them and then collapsed against the wall, his arms braced on either side of her.

She felt it move then, like a snake seeking a warm burrow. The tip of it stroking her lower back, tracing a path across her buttocks until it reached the cleft, spreading a pathway towards her pussy. It teased her lips, played with her clit which buckled her legs.

"Oh God…"

"He's not here…and he's not listening."

She bit her lip again, feeling the slickness of her thighs. The pulsating heat as his cock slid for a moment across the seam, becoming slick, which seemed to it to be like a drug.

Suddenly Kade grunted and his cock thrust between her lips, capturing her and impaling her against Kade who bit her neck, her tender skin between his teeth. The hardness of his cock burrowing itself with each stroke, its temporary withdraw turning her pleasure into painful need.

Her mouth formed an endless scream, as he thrust harder and harder with his own body as the nubs of his cock skimmed against the pussy walls that grabbed hold of it to prolong her pleasure.

She forgot about her neighbors who might be listening. She forgot about the fact that Phil could walk in and see her half naked, with Kade rutting against her. She forgot about her conversation with Skye earlier, the memory slipping away with each thrust of Kade's cock inside of her.

All she felt was what he did to her and the reminder that she had to obey their rules and keep to some bargain.