A/N: This is about how my cat Max disappeared, and how we think he may have went. We really have no idea (wow, it's been an awful long time since I've posted here on fictionpress). Enjoy.

Mystery (Written on the day of: 02/05/04)

Whatever happened to the midnight cat?

Death works in mysterious ways,
But when someone you love
Without a trace...
All you have left are rumours.

Tires squealing, blood and flesh
Tearing at the seams.
People rushing for the phone,
Panicking for the angel they never knew.

Veterinarian proclaims no hope;
Bag closes,
Audible sighs of sorrow
At another patient lost.

Family searching for their beloved -
Only to find questions unanswered,
Their fears left to fester...

Whatever happened to the midnight cat?


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