Well, Love is a seemingly bottomless trench that we all must jump into eventually. The problem is whether it really IS bottomless or is it just so deep that you can't see the bottom from the top, meaning it will take you forever to get back to where you were so you can try again.

Leap of love

I stand at the top

Of this mile high peak

Afraid to look down

Afraid to leap

I look down at the pit

And start to think

"What if I'm wrong"

As I step towards the brink

It looks like it's endless,

But there might be a floor

another crash of which

my heart can take no more

"I've jumped these before,

But they always stop.

Then it takes forever

To climb back to the top"

I look at the others

And see jagged rocks

That would skewer me through

If I were to drop

I look back at this one

And see only smooth walls

Nothing to stab me

If I were to fall

But others have seemed

That they were perfect, but yet

The further down I fell

The more serious the threat

I take a deep breath

And look up above

And take a running start

For this last leap of love