I was alone the day I met you

you were smiling just so

I was wandering through on my own

until your sweet voice gave me hope

Crazy they called you

but you couldn't see

You were blind to the whispers

your green eyes, oh how they saw only me

We never knew it would end this way

believing we had forever on our side

Why did I let you go?

our love rushing away with the falling tide

I held you close and promised you the world one day

you laughed at me and said,

'Without you, the world would be cold and dead inside'.

Without you, my world is cold and gray

paranoia hit me like a brick from behind

if I had been brave enough then maybe

just maybe you wouldn't have went away.

The people didn't see us, they all pointed and cried

they said we'd never make it,

back then it was our turn to laugh.

Nobody ever believed in us,

but that didn't matter much

we had all we could ever need,

in each other we found our other half

We never knew it would end this way

thinking we had time on our side

Why did I let you go?

ignoring the feeling that was building up inside

I held you close when it was time for you to leave

you smiled and said,

'Find me one day, I'll be waiting on the other side'.

Without you my world turned cold and gray

paranoia struck my heart like a knife

if I had been bold enough then maybe

just maybe you would still be here today

The years have passed by now

each one as cold as the last since you've gone

Sometimes I still hear your voice around me

heartbreaking the words that echo so clear

We never knew it would end this way

dear, we thought forever to be on our side

It's alright to just let go

I'm safe here on the otherside

It's okay to be scared, but never forget

these precious words of mine,

'Heaven is cold and lonely without you by my side'.

Without you I can't seem to find my way

paranoia covers me like a dark Winter's sky

I hope one day I'll be brave enough

to push through those Heavenly gates and find you

waiting for me to come home and stay.