We go on with our lives,

We laugh, we cry, we survive.

With people passing by,

Memories bringing tears to our eyes,

Tender moments that touched our heart,

Deception and lies that tore us apart…

We go on with our lives,

We eat, we sleep, we survive.

We come across so many illusions,

Pulling us in all the wrong directions,

Sometimes we follow them and get lost.

And sometimes we find ourselves at no cost.

We go on with our lives,

We breathe, we sigh, we survive.

And sometimes we just waste all our time…

We work hard to get life back to rhyme.

Things falling into alignment with a mouse click…

Our body ages every second the clock ticks.

We go on with our lives,

But it's God who makes us thrive,

Through every blow we take to this physical entity,

Every pressure, every sorrow, every responsibility.

We exist in the fourth dimension called time,

Little selfish fools engaged in mocking and mime.

We go on with our lives,

Entangled in materialistic greed, we fight, we strive.

We forget that it's the journey that will decide

The destination, so sit back, enjoy the ride.

All this running around is part of the eternal wait

For rest, for peace, for the life's sun to set…

And we go on with our lives,

And we thrive, we strive, we survive.

Our soul never ages, our essence never dies.

It's this body and its illusions making people cry.

The soul is untainted, undaunted, unchanged, unwounded.

With time, with tears, with death, this body is what will fade….

A/N: and this is how I kill boredom when I'm studying till late at night XD of course I edited it when I got into sane condition again :D

And before you guys make assumptions again- I'm not Christian!