Do you know what it's like to see someone cry
and instantly feel tears well up in your eyes?
It don't even matter if they are a stranger,
you feel their emotions hit ya and change ya.

Do you know how it feels to not just sense pain
but feel it yourself, exactly the same?
Do you know what it's like to feel someone get cross,
or when you find you have to cope with their loss?
Of course you don't know, if you did it'd be worse:
at least this way I am the only one cursed.

It began with my family then stretched to my friends.
Its radius increases, who knows where it ends?
When will it stop? I cannot say.
Drunkeness seems to send it away:
drink enough booze and you'll just go numb.
The voices of their pain fall silent and dumb.

I can see pain that's buried, hidden hurts ne'er revealed.
I suffer the scars that they've never let heal.
I'm easy to talk to, mainly cos I know,
if people don't speak out then their pain will grow.

If I say "Don't worry", it's not just for ye,
Your upset anxiousness will upset me.
If I want to help you, please let me do so,
you may not believe it, but trust me, I know.

I call it a curse, but in it's defence
When it's not there, it's like missing a sense
Although I don't like many things that it shows
it helps me to understand all those I know.

If I can reduce you pain and your stress,
e'een thos it may cost me, the price is far less
than having to deal with another soul in pain,
emotion waves hit me, they drive me insane.

Maybe if evryone was the same way
the world would be a far better place today
but telieve me, I never would wish this on you,
better the pain stay with just one or two.

So forget what I've said, please do as you choose.
I'll find a brief respite in drinking my booze.
Then I can no longer feel those about,
emotions releasing, I simply lash out.

Don't stand by me then, leave alone when I'm pissed.
I need to lose the anger, I cannot resist.
I don't want to hurt you, but if you're in the way
then I might just do so, believe what I say.

I won't hurt myself if I'm left on my own,
I'll just walk it off, and find my way home.
So leave me to cope, look after yourself:
I don't want to find I've hurt anyone else.

Then in the morning, I'm sober again,
welcome back waves of emotional pain.
But I can cope after a brief respite:
So don't worry bout me,
I'm allus alrite.