Noble Bird Chapter 15

Tori grimaced as he ran across the roof tops, hidden from the nobles below. Unlike the others, he had to hide for a bit before moving. If anyone caught 'Bluebird' his cover would be blown. Well more then he it already was. He had a strange feeling his sister would have told his father by now. If anything to saw that actually Tori could fight and was a very strong fighter.

If so, he would have to lay low for a few days, perhaps disappear into the library for a week or two. Just until things calmed down. Problem was if his father knew, the Prince would know. And how the prince would react to the idea that one of his lords spent his free time fighting against the other nobles in his court to help the slum rats was any ones guess. Tori winced as he remembered the conversation he had had with the prince in the library.

The princes words, "from my point of view you have way to many secrets"" ran though his mind. This wasn't going to help his case. How was he supposed to admit he had been fighting people for the past six or so years? Right under the Prince's nose, as well More importantly, would he been seen as a threat to the Prince? Would he have to disappear off the radar all together?

Tori hoped not. He enjoyed living in the city and it would be a shame to leave. He'd miss so many people. But if it came to that, he would do it. He wasn't going to let 'Bluebird' die so easily. His only consolation was he had killed the lead slaver this time. But for each slaver he killed two more took there place. More and more free people were in danger or being enslaved now, even in the so called free states.

Tori tumbled and feel to his knees, panting heavily as dizziness came over him. He gripped his arm where Lykos had got a good slash in, trying to stem the bleeding slightly. He felt light heaved as he lost more and more blood.

He narrowed his eyes as he heard footsteps behind him. He dived out the way, narrowly missing being tackled by Lykos. Lykos grinned at him, the look in eyes fill of lust and need. He had turned him on when they were fighting. The wild beast in Lykos wanted to defeat Tori, wanted to force him into submission and finally rut into him. Both Lykos and Tori knew it.

"Bird, you didn't think you'd get away from me that easily did you?" Lykos grinned. Jumping at the younger man, attacking him with his blades. Tori dodged them and pulled out his knives. The fight was fierce, neither wishing to back down. Tori refused to give up so easily in a fight.

There was a clatter as Lykos disarmed the man, but in the process ended up losing his own blades. Tori got into a stance, ready to fight hand to hand if need be. Lykos chuckled at this, his eyes searching for a weakness. He found it. Tori swayed lightly as he head spun.

"Not now" he muttered. The juice mildith had given him was wearing off and the blood loss didn't help matter either. He let down his guard, his body stumbling to aside. Lykos took advantage immediately.

Tori yelled in pain as he was tackled to the slanted roof he was by, forced to laid against the tiles, Lykos pinning himself in-between Tori's legs so he couldn't kick him and get away.

Lykos leant forwards and claimed Tori's lips, growling as the mask got away. Lykos grabbed the mask and yanked it away from his face. It clattered to the floor at there feet, whist Lykos grabbed Tori's chin and forced him to look into his eyes. Tori's clear blue eyes looked at him, full of fight, but also fear. Lykos growled lowly at him. This was the Lykos which had got him is dangerous reputation. This was the wolf inside him that refused to be tamed by anyone. Even the Prince.

"Mine" He growled before kissing Tori again. There was nothing gentle about this kiss, all teeth and possessiveness. Yet Tori found himself melting into it, moaning in pleasure as Lykos explored his mouth, sucking on his tongue, nibbing on his lower lip. Lykos hips rubbed against Tori's, making the noble whimper in pleasure, his legs feeling like goo.

Much to part of Tori's mind horror, he begin rubbing back, meeting the wild man thrusts and rubs, gasping as pleasure ran though him. Lykos smiled against the kiss, growling happily as Tori melted into his arms, letting every sound out. His hands ran down and cupped Tori's ass, groping it lightly, teasingly. He only grinned more as Tori gasped in surprise, bucking against his groin and creating a divine friction against his clothed dick.

He released the Noble's lips, letting him breathe, watching him as he panted for breathe, saliva dripping from his mouth, a red flush covering his face. Lykos used the grip he had on Tori's ass to lift him slightly, grinning as Tori automatically wrapped his legs around his waist. "Good boy" he teased.

Tori glared at him but before he could retort, Lykos had grabbed his hips and was grinding there crotches together, sending him into blissful pleasure. He yelled in pleasure, throwing his head back and revealing his white neck to Lykos. Lykos was on it almost immediately. Nibbling. Kissing. Sucking. Leaving marks to prove he had been there, that Tori was his! Not once stopping the feverish rubbing against Tori, like he was an animal in heat.

"Stop.." Tori pleaded, panting out of breathe, "Stop!" He may have been begging for him to stop, but Lykos could hear the lust and need in Tori's voice. Feel the hardness underneath his pants. See the pleasure in Tori's eyes. He need this just as much as Lykos.

"No" He growled, possessiveness and lust mixing into a deep and dangerous tone. His eyes barely no resemblance to a human any more, only the wildness of a beast in heat. He needed Tori. Needed to be in the Noble's ass. And he wasn't going to let the Noble's mind stop him when he was clearly ready for him. "You. are mine!" Every word, backed up with a sharp thrust upwards.

Tori moaned blissfully in pleasure, arching his back, unable to control his body any more. It felt like all his muscles were made of goo. Lykos caught his cut arm, pulling it to his face. His eyes glued to Tori's, he licked the cut across Tori's forearm, watching at the boy moaned at the feeling of the wet muscle licking against the cut, tasting his blood. Lykos's tongue flicked up and down the cut, catching every bit of blood which was leaking from it, before kissing it gently.

"Don't fight it" He whispered, half warning the boy. "Don't fight it"

Tori watched in fascination as Lykos kissed up his arm to his hand. His tongue licking around the digits, before sucking on two lightly. The look in Lykos eyes was hungry. When Tori didn't fight back, Lykos let the digits slide out of his mouth, before kissing the hand one last time. He leant forward and pressed a kiss on Tori;s lips, before moving so they were nose to nose, Lykos hands travelling downwards, this time going under the cloth of Tori's pants and gripping the flesh of Tori's ass.

"You know what I am about to do to you?" Lykos murmured, his tone only lust and hungry. The only thing he wanted to do was rip the clothes of Tori's body and buried himself to the hilt in Tori's tight virgin hole. But he wasn't quite that far gone in the hunger yet. He wanted Tori to crave his body. Maybe one day he'd be able to more that fast but doing that to him on his first time would only cause the noble pain and likely bleeding. He had to taken this one stop at a time, no matter how frustrating or gorgeous the bird was. Prepare thoroughly and take it slow. At least at first anyway.

"I'm going to thee clothes of your body and pin you down to the floor. I'm going to finger your ass up till its nice and stretched and make that sure of yours throb with need. I'm going to make you beg and plead, and then. Then I'm going to take that ass of yours and make you feel pleasure you've never known. Pain too, but I think you desire that just as much as the pleasure" Lykos chuckled, biting lightly on Tori's ear lobe. Grinning as the bird moaned in pleasure.

Tori growled at the teasing, any thought of fighting gone. His body was burning in pleasure. But he could see the look in Lykos eyes. He wanted submission. he wanted power over him. Tori leant up and a placed a almost shy kiss onto Lykos lips. Lykos quickly took over the kiss, kissing his little bird senseless, happiness running though him.