Host part 1

The roar of fighting was all that could be heard for miles. The sound of metal clanging and the screams of men. Screams of courage, of pain, of desperation. So many different screams. The smelt of blood and sweat was also high in the air. The location of the battle which was being fought was a castle in the west valleys.

Normally in shone like the northern star because of it white walls and its tallest tower which had a giant orb of power at the top. The orb connected too many in the empire which kept the empire safe from being from outside the empire. If someone was to remove it, the west valley would no longer be protected and fall to the powers of the super-naturals.

Unknown to the humans, the orbs powers were waning, slowly becoming weaker and as the strove of midnight, they stopped working letting an army of serpents storm the castle. However the serpents were unprepared for just how skilful the humans of the castle were, assuming that in there time of peace the humans had grown weak.

The first time this happened the humans forced them back. The leader of the force laughing madly at just how naive such a strong force of humans was. The humans slightly annoyed at this. After the first time, the humans began training even more and also started a watch to keep on eye on the army. For three years, once a month when the magic was weakest the serpent army attacked, getting stronger with each push. However the humans also got stronger. The serpents however never killed more then needed and never harmed children and civilians. The humans respected this, leaving them all at some odd relationship.

The leader of the force was a dragoon, known as Lord Yeron Scarwarrior. A handsome man in human form. He had a broad shoulder build, which only emphasized the muscles he had, and was very tall, making him a daunting foe to go against. Yet despite his size, he moved gracefully and always seemed very dignified. He had long black hair which was normally pinned up in a high ponytail, but more times then not in battle fell out the hung free. His skin was tanned from the hot sun of the lands beyond the western valleys, and his eyes were golden with silted pupils.

Yeron had an odd obsession with the prince who led the main force. Likely grown from being at a stalemate or beaten by him for so long. Admittedly he had won a few of there duels but as his men were so pushed back he couldn't claim victory. Though after these duels during the time before of there men came to tell them who had won, they would often go into conversations. There relationship was almost like on odd friendship.

The Prince was known as Prince Anisoan and was almost the opposite to his rival. Despite being 25 the prince was not a tall man, he was about average if anything. He had a boyish face with large round eyes, which were a dazzling blue. His hair was shoulder length and curly and was an almost platinum blond colour. But what he lost in not looking manly he made up for in sprit, the prince was a fierce fighter and a clever man to boot. A lot of men and women looked up to him for staying in the western valleys despite it no longer being safe. Though his family was not so kind, they thought he was an idiot to stay in such a dangerous place when he could live in peace and luxury.

In fact, the Prince had been ordered back to the capital, which was partly the reason the fighting was so fierce today. Lord Yeron had not been happy to learn about this. The Prince had been worried all month about how Lord Yeron had reacted when he had told him