A short creation story I wrote for english class. The Kanji at the bottom isn't showing up but oh well. The story will still make sense.

Yuzuki, the Moon, and the Stars

A Japanese Creation Myth

In the beginning there was no moon or stars. The nights were so dark one couldn't see their hand in front of their face. When the sun rose the people rejoiced, they danced and thanked the sun Kami, Youko. When the sun set on the distant ocean the people cried; they cried for it meant that night was coming and with it the terrors that roamed the night. The terrors of the night slunk around. They seemed to have no trouble moving about the oppressing darkness, as they stole children, livestock, and destroyed crops.

Yuzuki was the daughter of a rich family that owned a large amount of livestock and crops on the edge of the village Zugahosen. The village was considered a safe haven: as no terrors could enter thanks to a magical barrier that surrounded it.

One day, just as the sun was setting, Yuzuki looked up from where she had been sitting staring into the pond, watching the uo. She saw a huge u in the sky. It was flying in circles above her head and screeching loud enough to be heard on the other side of the island.

Suddenly the u dive-bombed towards her. A scream escaped her mouth as she covered her head with her arms and ducked. A crack split the air and sent light in all directions, scattering all over the barrier that the u had just tried to penetrate. Yuzuki looked up and saw the bird looking ruffled as it tried to figure out why it had been thrown backwards, squawking the whole time. Finally it seemed to give up on penetrating the barrier and proceeded to fly in a circle just above the barrier.

It was getting darker by the minute when the u's squawks began to form words. It's voice sounded like a calligraphy pen being dragged over stone, "Hello there young one, I am Yuuta, I have been sent by the sun Kami, Youko, herself as a messenger heading across the ocean. I have been flying for many days and have had nothing to eat: won't you let me take some of your crop to feed myself?"

"No!" she exclaimed, starting to get scared. U's didn't talk, and it was the Kitsune that was Youko's messengers. This u in front of her had to be a terror.

"Very well then," Yuuta said darkly; his good mood evaporated in an instant, "You may keep your crops for now but come midnight your whole house will be left in tatters!" With that said the u flew off into the oncoming darkness.

Yuzuki fled into her house and locked all the doors. While locking the last door she ran into her brother, Hiroshi.

"What's wrong?" he asked, concerned at his sisters face, full of fright.

"A terror that looked like an u came by just I was going to head inside and told me our house would be left in tatters because I refused to give him our crops!"

"It's okay, when they come for our crops tonight I'll beat them all and protect the village." Hiroshi said while walking over to his sister and hugging her.

"But, you won't even be able to see anything, how will you fight?" she cried.

"Don't worry, I'll win and then we won't have to worry anymore."

With that said Hiroshi left the room and went to prepare for his upcoming battle.

After about 10 minutes Yuzuki heard a large crack and ran to a window. Even though she couldn't see outside she could hear the calls of the u's and her brother's ferocious shouts.

The battle was long and hard for Hiroshi. More u's had shown up than he had expected, so the first little while mostly consisted of him running and dodging.

Yuzuki, scared for her brother, ran outside into the darkness. She shouted her brother's name.

"Yuzuki! Run, get inside the house now!" her brother yelled as another u screeched.

"No, you can't win! I won't go inside until you do!" she yelled back.

"N-," Hiroshi's voice was cut off and a shriek pierced the night.

"We won, we won! The town is ours!" the u's terrible voice yelled in the darkness.

"No!" Yuzuki cried and ran towards where her brother's voice had come from.

Suddenly her feet collided with something that vocalized a grunt.

"Brother? Please be okay." Yuzuki pleaded as her tears started to fall, "Please don't go. You will be alright." The tears fell onto her brother's body as she spoke.

When the girl opened her eyes she couldn't believe what she saw. Her brother's body was glowing, illuminating the courtyard around them. There were confused squawks coming from the u's.

Slowly the light became brighter and her brother began rising into the air. In the air Hiroshi began slowly curling into a ball as the light got brighter still.

Suddenly their was a flash of white light and a white, large, round circle was high up in the sky sending light down onto the earth and illuminating the once impenetrable darkness.

The u's shrieked and started to melt and drip like ink, never actually hitting the ground. In their dying moments the terrors swore to come back and scare people in the absolute darkness.

Yuzuki kneeled on the ground, defeated. Around her the u's dripped like rain and her brother shined in the sky. Her tears were still flowing and in her unhappiness she failed to see a half-dead u sneak up behind her and with it's last bit of strength, kill her.

Yuzuki crumpled to the ground and the u wailed in victory before it disappeared.

Slowly she started to rise into the air too. Blinding light engulfed her body and the exploded in fireworks across the sky. Each little piece of the light hung in the air and shone fiercely.

The last two pieces of what had been Yuzuki flew across the sky as shooting stars. Symbolizing the deaths of the two people who gave up their lives to give the world light at all times.

Japanese Words

? - 'u' cormorant (a kind of bird)

???? - 'zugahosen' a made up Japanese village with a made-up name who's kanji and hiragana are supposed to mean 'Drawing 1,000 Steps' (not a real Japanese word)

? - 'kami' a god, deity, or spirit that occupy all things in the Shinto religion

? - 'uo' the Japanese word for fish

? - 'kitsune' the Japanese word for fox

?? - 'Youko' The name of my fake sun goddess.

?? - 'Yuuta' A Japanese name meaning superior snout

?? - 'Hiroshi' A Japanese name that means tolerant

?? - 'Yuzuki' A Japanese name that means excellent moon.

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