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In a dark cold dungeon there lay a being that looked human, except he wasn't human. It was an angel. Well now it couldn't even be called an angel for he had sinned against God and since fallen. It has been so many years that this fallen angel has been locked up waiting for his judgment day that the only beings that remember what he has done is himself and God. His form had long since changed. At first his snow white wings turned black then the feathers fell off and his wings became ugly and bat like. Then the rest of his body had changed. Instead of creamy white skin it had turned green, rough, scaly, and dirty. His short, feather soft, crimson red hair had fallen off and long since grown back but not as beforeā€¦It had become a stone gray, long, tangled, coarse mess. He had become skinny to the point were his bones showed threw. His beautiful emerald forest green eyes had become dull and gray. His nails had turned and yellow with dirt trapped under them. He had unsightly blemishes all over. His over all appearance had become indescribably unsightly and ugly. His appearance had not bothered him as much as the pain that unleashed it's self on him had. Over time the pain and been considered unbearable but now it was just something that was normal. Just as the pain had become normal the feeling of a heavy wait did not. It had become heavier as time went by. It had felt so heavy that he did not try to move for the pain of the weight was great. He lay in his prison with rusted chains around his ankles, wrists, and neck as he looked through the bars of the cell to the stone hallway. The only thing he did was think. He thought of his sin. It was the only thing on his mind since he had fallen. At first it was only angry thoughts but now they had changed. His thoughts had turned to himself. He thought of why he did what he did and how he should have never done it. He was terribly wrong and would be willing to admit it. He closed he eyes knowing he had been wrong. He patently waited for the day of judgment to come, though he did fear it with the knowledge that it was well deserved.

There will be a second part.