Wonder what you're really feeling, behind those dark brown eyes.

Wonder if that's really you, or just a dear disguise.

How much of what you tell us is just well crafted lies?

You know you don't have to pretend for our sakes.


You want to seem so together, so in control of everything.

You don't realize when your mask slips, and we can see your pain.

Do you think we wouldn't love you just a little bit insane?

Wonder if you know sometimes everyone's heart breaks.


Our love for you will not change or die

just because we see you cry.


I want you to know I see it when your perfect smile shakes.

I don't think it's wrong to be upset when you make mistakes.

How long have you believed that it's better to be fake?

If only I could tell you just how much I love the real you.


If you hadn't been so shy, our story might not be so sad.

If I hadn't been so wild, what a time we might have had!

Do you also wonder sometimes, when you're alone and feeling bad?

I wonder about us all the time, because I believe this love is true.


My love for you will never change or die

whether or not I see you cry.

You can be whoever you want to be.

You will always be the one for me.