Do you remember when you were a kid, and you used to pretend you were a superhero. Using a tea-cloth as your cape, and making your friend your sidekick as you'd save your back garden from evilness of the world. Yeah, well imagine doing it for a living, as a real superhero. Sounds good, right? Well wrong, from my point of view...

Let me start my point of view from the basics though... Just to get you fully informed...

The Infinite Wonder, the best god damn superhero in the world. He has almost every single ability you could ever imagine and combat, amazing martial art skills. Also gifted with the looks that make all the ladies go gaga over him, and make all the men want to be him. Possibly the best living being in the universe. No, sadly that's not me...

The Infinite Wonder was flying light speed through Tromopolopoly city, looking with his raptor vision down through alleyways, streets and much more, searching for sites of danger, and looking for...

"Looking for someone?" He heard in his head. He stopped in mid air, feeling his cape sway behind him and brush against the heels of his tall nylon boots. His leotard-like suit was Silver, which went well with his black boots –that matched his slick black spiked hair- with a blue cape that slid majestically down his back.

He brushed his fluffy sideburns away from his ear, and then held his hand down on it. "Who is this? Where is he? What have you done with him?" Fright was in his voice, but fury was the main impact of his speech. An evil chuckle echoed throughout his mind, and then he realised... Spite flight...

Spite flight was the worst god damn super villain in the world. He had every mass destructive weapon, and a bunch of super resourceful staff... His dream is to become a super being, and have abilities like The Infinite Wonder.

And so, he stops at nothing to trap any sort of super hero, and bring them back for experimenting. Everything he did had been un-successful, everything he did was wrong... but he realised, that he hadn't experimented on the best super hero in the world.

So, from that realisation onward, he had been doing everything to lure him in, and trap him. But really, it's just an endless chain of failures for Spite Flight, and triumphs for The Infinite Wonder. Nope, I'm not him either... For me... I'm kind of sick of this whole process of villain v. Hero to be quiet frank...

It's same old, same old you know... then again, It's always easy to trap me, and always easy to boss me around. So therefore, I'm stuck always being the 'damsel in distress', then always being rescued, and then standing by the side lines... Don't worry, you'll get to see me in a minute, but for now...

"Oh, stupid, infant wonder..." He sneered in The Wonder's head. "When are you final going to learn, I will stop at nothing until I can get my hands on you. Even if it means I have to take away your best friend. And when I say take away... I mean, take away, His life..."

"You won't get away with this. I'm going to get him back!"

A snort and a sound of laughter was heard only by him,

"Hmm, so you think..."

"Hey look! You have a plastic light up Santa in here!" A different voice sounded in the wonders head, and then a grin appeared on his lips. A relieved one at that. "Spite, Why the hell do you need a light up Santa? Are you a festive man or something?"

The wonder chuckled, hearing my voice. Yup, that's right. That's me. Hi, I'm Stunner, Stunner boy, I prefer being called stunner though... I'm nineteen, I'm young, powerless, and I'm the blunder-head that is so much of a dunce that yet again, I have been kidnapped by a villain... It's pretty sucky when you look at it from my point of view... Still, at least my best bud is the one and only wonder. Yup, known him since I was just a tyke, and still know him now. I've been his pathetic, humorous sidekick since I was about... sixteen? Still doing it now... kind of sad, but you get used to it...I'm lucky in the sense that I know I'll always be rescued, so I guess, I'm never worried. Still, it absolutely sucks to be me...

"Someone shut him up!" Spite screeched out through his dry lips, pointing his black gloved hand at me.

"Aw come on, I did nothing wrong... I just don't understand why you have a plastic light up Santa in mid-February. Doesn't it seem just a little bit farfetched?" I heard the Wonder's snickers, and smiled.

"Stunner boy," The wonder called out, "how's the weather over there?"

I chuckled to myself, and then looked around the warehouse, "The weather's okay –for a warehouse- but this chair is a killer... Seriously, you would think they would hold a hostage on a more comfortable chair. At least a cushion would be nice!"

"Oh the terror, I feel your pain, I will save you!" The wonder played along, Spite was steaming up as we spoke, and I manage to smirk at him. "But tell me, how's the building, is it rusty or newly built?"

I looked around again. "No, shut him up!" I had an ear wax tasting -and smelling- gagging cloth stuffed into my pie hole, and then was restricted from doing anymore. I wasn't allowed to talk now then?

"Nice try infant," Spite belittled, "But you're not finding him that easily, oh no." He turned my way and smirked, I gave him a little wave, and then smiled happily back -as much as I could with a cloth in my mouth and my hands bound to the chair- He didn't look too amused.

"But you're little Neanderthal here just might not make it out this time." He says that every time. You can just tell, it aint gonna happen.

"Ouch," I mumbled on the ear cloth, "Neanderthal. That hurt you know, I'm trembling in your wrath, oh no, I can't stand it any longer! oh save me, oh save me!" I heard The Wonder snicker from the other end of the call, and then a loud buzzing noise...

"What's going on? What's happening?!" I laughed at Spite; he was such a baby, wasn't he?

"Isn't it obvious? He's scanning his brain, he's looking for where this communication with his brain is coming fro-"

"Twenty nine, Broad ave. I'm coming stunner!" The wonder called out, and then I heard a noise like a phone hanging up. I smiled at the device he was using to communicate with him, and then looked up at Spite.

"You know, that is pretty impressive." I gestured to the device. "I'd trade one instead of my prehistoric Nokia any day." He grimaced at me, and then turned to the henchmen standing at the back of the room.

"He's coming, weapons at the ready, and make it snappy!" he hissed at them, then dragged the chair I was sitting on towards a tall device that seemed to already be buzzing before we did anything. He placed my chair inside it, and then pressed a button, which made it flex out, just like the feeling when the dentist chair starts bending backwards, ready for operating. But this sort of operation would probably make the dentist feel like a Saturday night nightclub...

Spite was round the other side of the device at a rusted, but polished control panel, slamming his hand down on big buttons, and making it go fizz, bang, wallop, flickedy doo, flickedy da.

I leant up slightly and looked at the device around me, then slowly lowered my eyes down to Spite. "So spitey, what's the story of today's contraption then? How am I 'going to die'?"

I laid back on the contraption feeling rather relaxed actually, this chair bent over felt like a masseuse chair. I was just expecting a back rub to be honest.

"Well, Blunder fall..." He said eyes on the device, but addressing it to me. "This here is a torture device, transformed. Basically, you see the big chamber above you?"

I looked up and saw a hollow tube that hovered above all of my body. "Yup, sure I do, pretty hard to miss actually..."

"Well, I've altered it."

"Like you always do..." I butted in.

"Yes, like I alwa- look just shut up for a minute, you annoying little twat..." I smirked at myself. I was successful at winding up a villain, and proud. "Well yes, the normal knifes and what-not used for torture have been removed, and then replaced with mass destruction explosives. Once I type in the final demands, and when you're stupid Infant Wonder comes in, the chamber will lower, and then after... I think it's about ten seconds; you will be detonated with a variation of bombs from my choosing. Many I think will turn you into ashes..."

I nodded with satisfaction, "Nice to know..." I commented looking at the random bombs lit up inside of the chamber. He tried too hard, he really did. I had a sudden flush of a thought that had circled my mind a lot recently. It involved Spite. I doubt he and his lab of oh so many weapons would be interested, but still, might as well try. I blinked a few times, and then looked down at him, frustration and pure cunning colliding together and making an evil smirk. I frowned a little bit. Then looked up inside the device.

"Doesn't this ever get boring to you?" I asked. I no longer heard the sound of buttons being pushed.


I leant up slightly and stared at him, "Surely this must get boring... I mean, I'm bored of it..."

"Bored of what?"

"Playing Heroes and Villains... I mean come on, you must realise that all you're going to do is fail..."He frowned down at me, and then looked back at the control panel, "I didn't mean it in a bad way..." I carried on. "I'm just saying I realise now that all I am, and always going to be, is the sidekick... I'm never going to save the day, never have crowds cheering for me... always at the sidelines, always getting kidnapped, always... always the sidekick..." I was moping to myself, and then looked up at Spite, seeing his baffled stare caught on me.

"I never really thought about it... I've been doing this for about three years you know..."

I tilted my head, and showed that I felt empathy. "Why do you still do it?"

He shrugged, "All I've ever wanted to be is a super being... this seems like the only way to do it. The only thing is I can't without another super being there to help. So Violence is the only way to reel a superhero in, and then, I can get on with it..."

"But face it, you need to live life as someone else, I mean, you're never going to live a happy life if all you're doing, is chasing someone on top of a treadmill..."

He tilted his head at me, then realised it was a metaphor for 'never gonna get there'. "It's all just one big game..." I continued. "And who's the winner of the game? The Infinite Wonder is... Not me, Not you, him. Always him. You and I, all we're going to be, is the silver medal, the last one to finish, just always second best..."

I looked up at the chamber... "Always second best",I repeated to myself. I kept my eyes up in the chamber, and stayed silent. I could no longer hear the things around me for some reason. I didn't take much notice of it, I just sat there and stared at the devices inside this giant chamber. I'm sure I was grimacing to myself, but my face didn't feel much different, I was just in deep thought and staring into space.

Suddenly a crash through the ceiling of the warehouse, and then good ol' Wonder flies in. "Always like you to not use the front door!" I called out.

"You okay Stunner?" I smiled into the device.

"Yup, couldn't be better, you know, this chair is really comfy, I'm glad I entered a complaint form..." I saw him smile, then scowl over towards Spite.

"What are you up to, Spite?" Disgust was in his name when The Wonder said it. I heard nothing but silence from then on. I turned my head to Spite, and his eyes were glued onto me.

"Um, Spitey?"

"...Spitey?" The Wonder asked.

"Yeah, gave him a nickname after all these times of being kidnapped you know." I paused, seeing Spite still motionless, like a frozen DVD.

"Earth to Spite Flight... Come in!?" He snapped his fingers, and the two troops started firing their guns at The Wonder.

He of course just flew around, shunning all of them, and then soaring my way. That was until Spite interweaved his hand around an immense blue dial that directed the explosives towards The Wonder. My eyes broadened as Spite pressed the big red 'GO' button in, launching the explosives up at The Wonder.

"NO!" I shrieked, seeing the bombs fly up at The Wonder, and fill the room with a cloud full of smoke.

What surprised me next is that Spite grabbed a weapon from one of the walls, and then attached it to his belt. Then he undid my chair. I mean he untied me and hauled me off of it and kept a firm tight grip on my arm. "What the hell are you doing?" He then coiled a strong muscled arm around my stomach and stopped me from absconding. Why was everyone so much stronger than me?

"You were right. This is The Wonder's game." He turned his head, and looked down at me, waiting for a reply. Of course I didn't. "But now, I'm going to change that. He's not going to win, we will!"

I pulled a bewildered frown at him. "Spitey say wha?!"

Before another word, he had pressed down a button from the contraption on his belt and then a dizzy sensation went through me. My head began to ache, and my eyelids began to lower. I no longer felt Spite's grip and had the flying sensation. I think the Wonder may have called my name, but it sounded so faint that it could've just been a fragment of my imagination trying to call out to me. I look back at it now, and all I can still say is ...WTF?

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