I landed clumsily from what I thought and hoped was flying. The giddy feeling was now wearing off as I laid on the floor, staring up at the sky between two tall brick buildings. My eyes were wide, and my breath was heavy.

"That's probably the best thing to do..." I heard to the right of me. I flicked my eyes to my side, seeing spite seated on the floor with his legs crossed, and a concerned, breathless look in his face. "Molecular transmitters have slight nausea to follow. You'll get over it..."

Spite got to his feet, brushing off the gravel and dust that had appeared on his black nylon attire and sliding back his slick blonde hair. I lifted my head, holding it and groaning about the headache I had, but then opening my eyes and looking around.

The buildings were half broken. The floors were covered in garbage and faeces, which flies were swarming around. The air was groggy and full of ash which made me choke after inhaling a few lung full's of it. And the sound of traffic and sirens blurted in my ears, as did the screams and howls that echoed throughout the area.

"Um... Where are we?" I inquired, feeling puzzled by this perplexed and strange atmosphere.

Spite turned to me, and rolled his eyes. "Well we're not in Kansas anymore Toto." I scowled at him, getting to my feet, brushing my blue suit down, and fluffing up my brown hair, shaking the ash out of it. "You could be Toto too, your hair is long enough to be a fluffy Chihuahua attached to your scalp."

"Look, shut up Spite." I sneered, still holding my head and trembling about the pain. "Why the hell have you brought me here? What happened to trapping the superhero? Destroying the sidekick? Becoming a super being? All that jazz?!" I shrieked with pain, then cursing to myself for speaking to loud.

"The transposition seems to have shaken up your brain more than anyone else that has used this device; you may have that headache for the rest of the day..."

"Spite, answer me, where the hell are we?" Malevolence was in my voice now, my arms resembled straight bamboo sticks, and my fists were clamped up in fury. I could feel my nails dig into my palm, and it hurt, but loosened the pain on my head.

Spite ogled at me, never hearing me actually get aggravated and enraged before. Admittedly, I'm not the type to go into tantrums; I'm a pretty laid back nineteen year old... "This is Nailliv, the city which I always flee off to with some of my henchmen after those pathetic little 'battles'. I will not tell you the location since, knowing you; you'll have some sort of device that will be able to let The Wonder know where you are..."

"...Like a cell phone?" I questioned, checking it was still in my back pocket.

Spite gave me the death glare, in which I smirked at seeing. "You will not call him, since you don't want to go back to playing 'The Wonders game'. You said so yourself." He crossed his arms, staring at me with a sincere and mature glower. "Now give me the phone."

My face turned bright red, as I pushed my fists into my hips. "Oh, who put you in charge then?!"

"I did, because I'm older... and I have the weaponry, machinery, and everything that a good leader needs. What do you have? A mobile phone, a shiny suit, pretty boots, a pathetic little red mask and girl's hair." I shifted my fingers under my locks and gripped my hair. 'Girl's hair?' "Stop arguing with me Stunner! I'm here to help you."

I snorted, and alleged sarcastically, "Yeah and that's as likely as Jesus turning up and taking us out for ice creams..." I began treading the opposite way from Spite. "Buttholes to this, I'm out a here. Peace Spitey..." I strolled away, already dialling The Wonder's number, preparing to make the casual call to get out of there already.

I pressed enter and heard the 'ring ring' noise that went off when making a call. All I needed to do was wait, and wait, and-

"Woah, Hey! Hey!" a translucent bubble evolved around my person, and rammed my phone out of my hand. It went flying down the diminutive alleyway, but caught by the slender hand of someone with a black glove. Watching my phone still vibrating in the hand, I desperately tried to push the bubble in that direction, but ended up rolling on to my head as the bubble just turned like a hamster wheel. Looking back at the hand, I saw my phone get crushed into a million little pieces, by a smaller, red, vigorous bubble.

"HEY! You better pay for that dude!" I grumbled, a steady finger shaking up and down. A light bulb sparked in my head, as I thrust my finger into the bubble, but all it did was mould into the bubble like a memory foam mattress. "Damn it, what the hell is this?"

"An imprisonment field," commented Spite, stepping by the side of the bubble. I was now floating in mid-air by now, so could no longer feel the safety of having the bubble rested on the floor. I trembled, attempting not to look down whilst participating in the conversation. "Created by a good, villainess friend of mine..."

"Villainess?" I looked across to the hand, and then zoomed out from the hand part, seeing a tall, charcoal bob haired woman. Her cloak lofty, and black, with a purple dress flowing down her body underneath it. She had long red nails, but a skinny figure and astonishing boo- um, scratch that last part...

"Oui oui, villainess!" she hissed, stepping closer to both me and Spite. I could sense a foreign accent, French maybe. "Da boy, ve is veak... unhel'vul... shu brought him here thecause...?

"Because, he will be useful for us." Replied spite, grinning to her, and kissing her on the cheek.

Suddenly, she had a smile on her demonic red lips, as she nodded, in the thought that she understood. "A good hostage?" she questioned. I tutted as I looked down at Spite underneath the bubble, I was now sat down, and feeling pretty useless just drifting in mid-air.

"That better not be why I'm here spite..." I said, crossing my arms outrageously.

"What? No that's not what I was getting at..." Spite comforted looking up at me, although, that wasn't very comforting to me either. "Think about it Claro. He's been associated with The Wonder for about three years now. Surely he's going to know about how he became a superhuman. He's a good piece of resource, and this way, it might be easier to inherit power. If not, then sure, hostage it is..."

Claro smirked gleefully, kissing him gently on the lips, and pulling away lustfully. "I zee who iz da brains vetween us." She cherished, hanging her arms around his neck and staring into his eyes.

Spite smirked at her, "And I see who has the luscious, irresistible lip-"

"Eww, get a room!" I barged in, looking away, and cringing at the site I just saw. Oh, I had to see the horrible sites in life, didn't I? "Stop licking out each other's mouths, and get on with my part of this story..."

Spite rolled his eyes at me, pulling himself away from Claro and then resting his hands on his waist. "Listen, all you need to do is tell me about The Wonder, and his inhuman abilities. Just how he got them, how he uses them. That way we can work out how to master great supernatural skills."

I glared down at him, nodding gently and then getting to my feet, unsteadily. "Can you let me out of here?" Spite nodded to Claro, and sooner or later she lifted her hands, letting some sort of see-through force lower the bubble to the ground, and then made it pop tenderly and peacefully.

After scrambling around on the gravel paved floor, and clearing my eyes from dizziness, I got to my feet, brushing myself over. I imagine I looked like a dog that had just got water squirted in his eyes, since I heard Claro giggling like a school girl. "So, you want me to help you two become stronger, by helping you to develop inhuman powers?" Spite nodded, and Claro smirked at the idea. I on the other hand was slightly against the whole thought of two stronger villains. "And it looks like I don't have a choice?"

"Dis boy... not very strong in da brain devartment..." I contorted at Claro meanly.

"Stunner, it's still your choice, but you should realise this could be a great new start for you." I frowned, before lowering my mask, and allowing them to see my Himalayan blue eyes. Underneath the red mask, they didn't really show, but without it they did, and they looked slightly surprised that I was permitting them to see it. To come clean, I do believe that my eyes are the best aspect about myself, but next to The Wonder, no one would take a second glance at me and my eyes.

"So you want me to come with you?"I asked again, consideration for actually participating in my eyes. When it came down to it, Spite was right, I was fed up of The Wonder's game... But did I really want to join up with the other side? Swap from helping the hero, to helping the villain? That sounded like a puzzle that needed more thinking over.

"As simple as that Stunner." Spite confirmed, and I nodded, slowly since I was still in deep deliberation. "So, you onboard?"

I glanced up at Spite; his voice was somewhat gentle, and so very different to how I had always heard it before. He was genuinely smiling. No joke. He had lowered his mask, and he looked so much younger than he had before. No longer having a black mask on his face revealed his slightly tanned skin, and emerald eyes. He wasn't at all that bad looking a bloke when he didn't have all the evil belongings on him.

I turned my eyes down to the hand that was gestured towards me. To me, it was so similar to two different things... It could be a door handle to a new brighter and better way of life... or it could equally be the dagger in which I would be threatening many people lives, including my own...

I bit my lip, consideration and disbelief truly having a war within my head. Still undecided, I turned on my heels at the double, and began to run. I still wasn't sure that I wanted to go back to The Wonder, Spite had got me spot on there, but joining villainy... Now that's just a bit too far.

"Hey! Come back!" I ignored Spites words, and looked back, trying to see if Claro was trying to make a bubble around my person. Fortunately she wasn't. She was just observing me with attention, as if she was expecting something to magically happen to stop me from escaping. I tried to ignore her ever-watching eyes that makes my spine quake, and persisted to run. Running away was my option for now, I could work something out, right? I might even be able to start a new life, a normal life, who knows? If I get rid of this superhero's-sidekick look, it's a possibility, wasn't it?

Without a "Heads up!" my head was unexpectedly pounded against one of the poorly built buildings, and left my aching brain with an even worse response than before. "Oww, Jesus Christ..." I muttered, gripping my head, and looking around for whatever thug was beating me up now. I had seriously had enough of the 'let's be God damn terrible to Stunner' matter today. Every single person seemed to be out for me, and it was driving me crazy...

I was expecting to look up, and see some strong muscled, fat bellied villain in front of me with a blow to the head like that, but to my surprise, there was no one. There was some girl standing on the other side of the street, but that was it, the street was strangely empty.

And with that, I pulled myself up and off the wall, and attempted to continue with my running, but somehow, I was pounded against the wall yet again. "What the..." Opening my eyes slowly, I peered up to what was struck against my chest. This time, it was held there, making my chest feel blocked, and making it complicated to inhale basic necessities, such as air.

As I wheezed away through deep breathing, I noticed that what was struck against my body was a lamppost. Really. A lamppost. It had moved away from where it was positioned before, and was now bent over, pushing the top part of its pole against my body. The light bulb at the other end of the pole blinked every so often, like a human eye would. Then the light bulb twisted oddly, so that the light was pointing in my direction. I had to cover my eyes, as the light had a burning, blinding sensation. This usually happens when looking into any light, but this one made me somehow not want to look away. The bulb stayed shining on me for a while, as if it was inspecting me, or checking I wasn't a threat to the 'lamppost society' or something.

In due course, the pole swung away from my chest, and stood like a lamp post should, straight, apart from the top part, which bent over the streets. "What a day this is..." I mumbled to myself sarcastically, my body dipping to the floor in exhaustion. "This is rough stuff..."

"Rough stuff is memorable stuff..." I blinked a few times, turning my eyes up to a girl. Or should I say, a stunning, fine-looking girl. She wore a knee high black strapped dress that seemed to be puffing outwards, with a denim jacket over her shoulders, and high heeled boots which went up to her knees. The entire attire seemed to suit her countenance well, since she wore only a little bit of makeup, and let her hair flow down her delicate body nicely. "And memorable stuff is fun stuff." She said with a friendly grin. I grinned feebly back, shattered and feeling the need to flop out on the sidewalk. I sighed repeatedly, whilst the girl stood there grinning at me.

"Not all rough stuff... Is memorable..." I replied in due course. "E.g.... rough stuff... to the head... then you forget... what the rough stuff...was..." By now I was seated on the floor, my head leant against the wall resignedly. The girl knelt down in front of me, swishing her silky straight charcoal black hair behind her shoulder. It went to the length of just below her butt, and what a beautiful butt it was at that. She looked about eighteen, maybe my age. But still, she was a good looking girl...

"Sorry about the lamppost, I didn't realise it was being pushed so hard against your chest. I'll make sure it goes a bit lighter next time."

"Pft..." I replied, trying to sound as hard as possible when out of breath, but ultimately failing really. "Hard? That was like a playful poke to me..." She smirked, and then stood, looking back up at the lamppost.

It was still to some extent moving, but with her hands pushed against her little hips, and with a blink, the girl wound her eyes tight, and then promptly opened them again, revealing dilated pupils. Where any colour apart from black had drained out, leaving blacked out spheres of darkness for eyes. She gazed up dreamily at the lamp post, and then it went still, no longer moving, no longer being realistic and losing the sense of having life, or should I say, 'living'.

"How in hell's name did you do that?" I asked, as she blinked once again, refilling the white and chocolate brown back into her eyes.

"I have a superpower. Get over it already." She said in an offhand diverse way to before. She leant in closer to me, and then held her black nail painted forefinger to my neck, waiting to feel the pulse.

"He's okay mum, we need to get him somewhere where he can cut loose though..." She began grinning again, as she flicked her eyes between me and someone above me.

"...We can take him back to my place."

"Oui oui, dat shall vork pervectly!"

I swivelled my eyes upwards, and guess who I saw. That's right. The lovebirds, Claro and Spite. Another trap, by a beautiful woman. It's always the women... The one's you least expect isn't it? So, this'll be fun... Now it looks like I'm stuck with my best bud's arch nemesis, his French lover, and her daughter. Oh what fun this is going to be... Anyone want to have a living in superhero life now?


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