It was an early morning in the dorms of small college. The dorms were on the right of the campus while the actual school was to the left. All had been sleeping for hours; however, one dorm still had restless life moving anxiously about. It was still a while until the sun would rise or classes started. In room 732, one still fought to stay awake.

The group a restless girls, struggling to get to sleep, were having trouble with but one. Each had their own spot among the room, which helped with the sprawled mass of some of them. With seven girls in one dorm was a feat in and of itself. The night light shone in and showed the depth of the room.

The room was rather small. There was a bunk bed against the wall to the right of the door and two desks in the corner opposite the door with a window in between them. A small closet was opposite the bunk bed. Posters hung along the dull white walls. The small door was clearly not made to hold all these girls.

In the silence of the night was impossible to get in this one room. It was a small sleepover with three girls from 700 and one girl from 273. It's been a long night already with several movies and games but around one in the morning most were tired. Aliya was still fighting to stay awake, much to the others dismay. The others longed for her sleep so at once peace would fall upon the room.

Aliya, one of the girls from room 700, was ignoring the thought of sleep. She was bouncy and happy, much unlike those around her. She was ready to have some fun and make the night last forever. No one shared her opinion.

"Aliya! Shut up!" ordered Megan, who lied on the top bunk.

"I'm not tired though," replied Aliya, who was curled in a sleeping bag in the middle of the floor.

"Niki fell asleep hours ago!" grounded Megan, pulling a pillow over her head. "Marissa not too long after."

"And we've been trying to!" hissed Brittney, who lied between Aliya and the bunk bed.

"So shut up and let us sleep," begged Hayley, who was curled in a sleeping bag beside Aliya and the closet.

"But…" Aliya whimpered, sitting up.

"Shut up!" ordered Niki, who was curled in a blanket in the corner.

The entire room practically perked at the sound of the thought-to-be-slumbering Niki in such a harsh manner. Heads turned to the small, curled up ball with an out stretched head in the corner of the room near the desks and across from Marissa. The mass shifted and the head retreated into the safety of the pillow which rested beside her.

"You're still up?" gasped Brittney, saying what five of the seven girls were thinking.

"Unfortunately," growled Niki, curling further into her blanket.

After a brief moment of silence, Aliya began to sing at high pitch. Soon enough, Brittney and Hayley joined in. Niki groaned once more as Megan resorted to one final plan. She slowly sat up, with a crocked smirk on her face. She turned to Brittney and waved to her.

"Brittney, hand me that wood plank from the bed frame," Megan smirked.

Earlier in the night, the bottom bunk had broke and lost a plank which the girls gently placed back under the bed. The plank had been forgotten until it was brought up now. Brittney's eyes widened but a crocked smile curled along her face. She dove under the bed for it. Aliya and Hayley screamed, promising they would stop and go to sleep. Brittney grumbled, placing the plank back where it belonged.

Silence finally fell upon the room, and finally Niki and Megan fell asleep. Marissa, who'd been sleeping through the entire mess on the bottom bunk, let out a heavy snort which assured that she was asleep. Hayley, Brittney, and Aliya looked at one another before turning away and falling into slumber. All were asleep, except Aliya who still lay awake and restless. This lasted for another four hours.

"But I'm not tired," Aliya yawned, digging her face into her pillow. "Not…tired."

Finally, all feel asleep. This may seem like an extraordinary night to most, especially those in the dorms next-door. This was a normal night for these girls, though, which made it all more fun.