Introduction, Etc, Etc.

The Genitalia Project is an attempt to dissect the (somewhat) positive aspects of pop culture through song, poetry, and interpretive dance. (Or maybe not interpretive dance....)

All writings are the result of a collaboration between myself and miss Hollis Winter-Summers (whose profile you must visit immediately after reading and maybe even reviewing this story) via a brilliant discussion in P.E. class.

We have no set topics. Each piece is crafted with care and expertise by entirely biased and completely random ideas. We are not politicians. We are not lawyers. We are not trying to sway you one way or another, but to merely present the situation as viewed by two highschool girls living in a rural area of eastern Minnesota.

We also feel the need to include dedications:

Hollis thanks: your mother. She'll know what it means. *winky face*

PIG (this amazing acronym was discovered only moments ago) thanks: Kurt Cobain, the Superbowl Champions, Buddha, Jack's broken heart, all the fish in the ocean, Meg, and the children. Because no one ever thanks the children.