Freedom is only undermined by society's senseless reasoning. But really, is it? Or is it always there and society just disallows our belief of its fanciful notions. Is it that we just don't believe enough in freedom to allow our minds to capture its building block of life. So really it's our fault that freedom does not properly exist? But then, we are society, so it's society's fault. Which is us. So is it the general society or all the little different societies that make up our world. Well tell me one society that is free and I will take back all I say about freedom and shout to the world that the society that is inhabited by freedom is the society for everyone to choose as their lifestyle. But then a society ruled by freedom, isn't really a society at all. Because if a society does have freedom, then it certainly can't have any rules, so there isn't really anything to dictate it as a society. So therefore freedom cannot exist in a society. But then is freedom the capturing notion here? Is the freedom that allows people to do whatever they want the rule that is therefore taking it away? So is freedom in itself, the thing that makes no society free?

Maybe, if you believe enough, you can imagine that freedom is gripping your heart and guiding your mind. You can walk into a green field, with nothing but the growing grass around you, and you can feel like there is nothing to confine you, then are you free? It is all a matter of mind. If you wish to take the easy option, then yes, if you feel free in that glorious moment then you are free. But if you wish to take the option guided by rocky hills and gilded barriers, then no, you are not free, because there will always be time to confine you, no matter where you stand. In your dying moments you may feel free because you know that all your troubles of the past can be forgotten, that they will not longer trouble your mind. But death is constricting your freedom, and taking away that shear moment of bliss.

There will always be something to confine you, it's the one thing that makes us equal. It's the one thing that no one can fight, no matter how hard they try.

So maybe, our lack of freedom is a good thing?

But in can it really be a good thing? In many senses yes, it can. But in many no. Our freedom is taken away by the laws that govern our society. Many help our continuance to stay alive. But many are disagreeable by the people forced to implement them. Are all the laws made really to convenience our society, or are they just pointless ways to supposedly make society improve. But what is the real definition of improvement in society. Is it the advancement of technology which supposedly makes our life easier? But if we are happy with what we have, and are in no need of more, what is the point of going further. What is the point of endless days working to, essentially, do what? But are we really happy with what we have, or do we want more? Do we want these new technologies to come and style our life in one guided by it so that we have all the more time to be free.

So what really makes a society free? Is it all a matter of the mind, or is it the laws that guide our lives? And do we actually want freedom? Or are we just so involved with our lives of rules that the idea of nothing is beautiful?

So is freedom really undermined by society's senseless reasoning?