It hurt. Sophie grasped her neck with her pale white hand in pure agony, as she rolled over on the leafy ground. She didn't want to open her eyes yet, for the fear that he might still be around. He had come so close to her before and now at this moment she was here.

She had to get up. There was no other way around the fact that she had to face him, even if her neck throbbed and her body seemed to cry out in pain and agony if she tried to move. Without thinking about it any longer, she opened her bright blue eyes and slowly but surely got up off the dirty ground.

Her eyes quickly scanned the area before her and after a few seconds she realized that he wasn't near her any longer. Sophie had nothing to fear, for the first time in several hours. The young woman sighed in relief and wiped her muddy hands onto her worn jeans. When they were somewhat clean, she looked directly ahead through the set of trees in front of her, their dark trunks standing gracefully around the little clearing she was still standing in.

Trying to ignore the pain that she felt, Sophie started walking. Surprisingly, besides her whole body hurting, her balance of step was perfect. For some reason, it felt as if she was walking on water. Which then reminded her that it was possibly because her neck was still bleeding, therefore, her head was slightly deranged.

With that thought in mind she kept walking. All she had to do was find the small town that was nearby. Even though it was dark in the forest, she knew that the lights would stand out immediately once she got close. The wind whipped around her body and she shivered slightly because of it. She knew that she had to be cautious still. With the trees swaying and the rustling of the branches, she knew that he could still be around, just watching and waiting for her.

Luckily, she finally started to see some lights. A little village stood before her now and she happily started down the main road of it. Most of the buildings were brick and small, with little lights shining in some of their windows. It was close to midnight, meaning that most people were going to sleep or already were asleep. If she were to knock on someone's door for help, they probably wouldn't answer her. Especially with her still torn appearance and her raggedy blond hair all in knots.

So, she kept walking, until she saw a small bar at the end of the street. She made the quick decision to go in. Sophie pushed the glass door open and stepped over the threshold. The place was mostly deserted except for a couple of people sitting at the dim litted bar. She found an empty stool right next to one woman and asked the bartender for cranberry and vodka.

"I've never seen you before, darlin. Where do you come from?" The woman next to her turned to look into Sophie's blue eyes and all of a sudden she couldn't breathe properly. The other lady was beautiful, with warm olive skin and bright green eyes that seemed to light up her face. Brown hair fell loosely onto her shoulders and she was wearing a black tank top with dark jeans. Her nipples stood erect against her shirt, which made Sophie just stare in awe.

"I uh…come from the town over." Her voice she found was mechanic. Why was this happening to her out of all nights? She was a total wreck and her wound was still open slightly. Then there was the alcohol that was certainly not helping completely. Yet, when she looked at this woman, it seemed that all of her troubles were gone completely.

"The town over? Sweetie there's no other town for miles here. You know, this may sound improper, but would you like to leave this joint? It's already late and you look like you could use a new pair of clothes. I could loan you some back at my place. By the way, I'm Rain."

The brunette placed her hand out and when Sophie shook it, she found that she didn't want to let go. "I'm Sophie. And thank you so much for your offer, but I really shouldn't accept. I don't want to intrude."

Rain just smiled at her, making her melt slowly inside. "Don't worry honey, you're not intruding. Now let's outa here." She pulled Sophie's hand and they walked out the door together.

It turned out that the other woman's place was right across the street from the bar, so Sophie didn't need to walk that far. Her hand felt warm in Rain's, as she gently got tugged up the apartment's wooden stairs and into the small kitchen that was shared with the bedroom and the living room. Each area was attached to each other, with Greek arches that mapped out the doorways. The bed was small, with little lights surrounding the room. They stopped by the bedroom's entrance and Rain turned to glance at her, with a mischievous little grin upon her face. "So, what size do you wear? You look like you're the same as me, but maybe a little shorter."

As she said this, she was stepping closer and closer to Sophie, until she wasn't able to take it anymore. She grabbed Rain's tank top and pulled her into her body. Sophie kissed the other woman deeply on the lips, their tongues connecting and battling with each other for control.

Soon enough, Rain pushed Sophie down onto the bed and basically ripped all of her torn clothes off. When they were both naked, Rain sat on top of Sophie's pale legs. "Now, what should I do with you? Have you been a good little girl tonight?"

All of a sudden, Sophie felt Rain smack her across the chest. Her white boobs wiggled with the contact. She cried out in more pain, her already battered body shattering with pins and needles. At the same time, pleasure seeped into her groin and she moaned as Rain kept smacking her across her breasts. Then after another few minutes, the other woman dipped her head down and took one of Sophie's pink nipples into her mouth.

She moaned again in pleasure, as Rain tugged on her nipples with her teeth. Then all of a sudden, Sophie felt another feeling. She was thirsty again. She looked at the brunette's olive skin; her shoulder bone and neck seemed to glisten against the light. If she could only get a drink, or even perhaps one taste of that beautiful skin she knew that she would be in the ultimate heaven.

Meanwhile, Rain pushed her hands between Sophie's legs, into her warm entrance. The heat overwhelmed her and she started grinding against the other woman's fingers. Then, as she was nearing her climax, she bit down into Rain's shoulder. Blood flowed into her mouth, the sweet taste pushing her over the edge as she came in waves around the brunette's hand.

Rain also moaned because the bite felt amazing for her. When Sophie was done, she pushed her own hand in between the other woman's legs and pushed her fingers in and out of her warm entrance, at the same time licking Rain's wound. Stars seemed to come before her eyes, with the sweet taste and the moans that were coming from her lover. When the brunette came, Sophie made herself pull away, even though the blood tasted so good. It had clenched her thirst, which she didn't know how or why, but instead of questioning it, she took her fingers and tasted Rain's hot come.