Chapter 1:

I should be ashamed of myself, of what I have become. But somehow, I feel nothing. No guilt, no nothing. My dad is really rich see, and me being his daughter, along with my little sister Ellie, we get benefits from having a rich dad. My wardrobe is only designer as is my makeup, my everything, and I spoil myself rotten with manicures, pedicures, pretty much anything that involves me. However, I am definitely NOT snobby or mean. Who am I, you may be asking?

My name is Cassie Lowe, I'm sixteen years old and live in Miami. I have tanned olive skin, I'm thin (thank god!), have hazel green eyes and my hair is naturally dark brown, but living in Miami gives me plenty of options so I dyed it blonde when I was fourteen and it's stayed that way ever since. It's also quite long, reaching the bottom of my ribs.

I'm smart witted, which drives dad crazy. And although I may seem like a girly girl, I can skateboard. It was something I used to do when I was a kid and wasn't caught up in the whole luxury side of life. I rarely skateboard these days, as it seems too much of a boy thing to do.

Any who, back to the part about me being ashamed of myself. I'm not supposed to drink alcohol, but I do it anyway. I'm also definitely not allowed to go to nightclubs, but I do that too. Dad has finally given up on trying and getting me to listen to him, which is a success on my part. I don't go to school much, I spend all my time partying and socialising to have any room for an education. I know that sounds bad but I'm pretty smart already.

One fateful Friday night around 8pm I headed out the door and down the street to the nightclub I always go to. The bouncers know me from all the times I've been there so I get automatic entry, and they also know I'm rich so I get what I want, no questions asked. I usually just waltz in there, however, this particular night I saw a boy around my age standing in front of the bouncers trying to gain access, but they were denying it to him. He had black shaggy hair and wore skinny jeans with a grey t-shirt. He was muscular and had lightly tanned skin.

The bouncers saw me and the boy saw the bouncers looking at something behind him, being me, so he turned around he saw me. His eyes were a bright blue, and he had a snake bite on the left side of his lip. His fringe was swept to the left side of his head and all I knew was that I wanted him to dance with me, since we were around the same age and all and he was really hot so I took hold of his hand and told the bouncers he was with me, so they had to let him in. Once we were inside he started to thank me and then I told him to save it and just dance with me. He did just that.

"Sorry, I have to go," I told him once the time had reached midnight.

"It's okay; hey I never got your name"

"Cassie," I said, heading for the exit door.

"I'm Alex"

"Nice to meet you, now I really have to get going!" I apologised and left. I arrived home by half past midnight, wanting nothing more than to just sleep until I was no longer tired. I slipped out of my dress and into my pyjamas before hopping into my nice big bed, and letting the power of sleeping overtake me instantly.

"Good morning Cassie," Dad said the next morning from his study room as I passed the stairs.

"Morning," I mumbled back, heading for the kitchen.

"There was something I wanted to discuss with you honey," he said, emerging from his study looking tired, like he had been deciding what to do with some new situation.