Chapter 31:

"You ready to go home Cassie?" Dad said the next morning when I opened the door.

"Dad!" I exclaimed and gave him a huge hug. I dragged my luggage out to the car and went back to say goodbye to mom.

"You can come back any time you feel like okay honey?" she said and I nodded. Something must've have been missing in my mind that morning because I didn't say goodbye to any of my friends. I got in the car and Dad started up the engine. I couldn't wait to get home, and when we did, I felt really guilty. I pulled my phone out and called Alex, but he didn't pick up. Disappointed, I went to bed.

My phone was buzzing the next morning and I looked at it to see that Carter had texted me. She said she missed me and that she couldn't believe I left without saying goodbye. And that Alex was depressed. I put my phone down and got dressed. I caught up with some of my old friends, but noticed that they were different, or it was just me, seeing them in a different light. I was actually bored most of the time and had nothing to do, so after three weeks of doing nothing and talking to Carter a lot over the phone, I confronted Dad.

"I want to go back Dad. I miss my friends," I said, trying not to be upset.

"What about your friends here?"

"I don't like them anymore."

"Okay, I'll take you back," he sighed and I gave a cry of joy and hugged him before stuffing clothes into my suitcase and getting in the car. I felt a little bad that my Dad was driving me all this way but I really wanted to be back with my friends. We arrived back at Mom's and I ran inside, pulled on the dress she gave me for Christmas and put some makeup on and fixed my hair from its ponytail to being out. I then got Dad to drop me off at school and he said goodbye. I went into the hall to see everyone dancing and I instantly found Carter, who freaked out when she saw me. She attracted Alex's attention and he couldn't believe it when he saw I was there.

"May I have the honour of this dance?" he asked me and I accepted.

"Sorry I bailed and went home, I missed you so much," I explained.

"I have you back now, that's all that matters," he said and kissed me, leaving tingles in my stomach. I rested my head on his shoulders as we danced for the rest of the night.