See them dying calmy so slow

as the wind blows across the plains

When did I get it wrong?

Where did I start all my mistakes?


Now you're leaving too

and it was all my fault

But I couldn't stop being that fool

the one that loved you the most


I don't even have the will to save myself

Let alone save those flowers on the road

Flowers that nobody will ever get

Nobody's flowers dying as the others did before


They are taking you away from me and my heart

but I was the reason for the tears in your face

The only water these roses will ever know

Because I started that rain in the first place


Now I can't even carry my own weight

Nor raise my voice to tell you how much I need

Your presence, your love and your grace

You just meant the world to me


See them diying calmy under a tree

a tree in front my eyes and my soul

Flowers that nobody wants to recieve

Nobody' flowers turning into stones