I hadn't seen Jenny since arriving.

Once we entered the show ground she released my hand and dashed off into the midst of the carnival that was taking place. Game stalls where set up and various looking clowns mulled around, either making balloon animals for children or throwing pies into each other faces.

I hated clowns.

While most people saw normal people dressed up in colourful outfits with goofy white faces and red, toothy smiles, I only ever saw evil faces that had cynical smiles that revealed sharp yellow teeth that could rip me apart.

No, I definitely didn't like clowns.

So with each passing minute I felt my stomach twist painfully while my daughter was not in my sight. I started to wander, searching over the heads of children to see the familiar face of my angel. Her blond hair that cascaded down her back in a mass of curls would be easily recognisable. I wished that I could just see her golden hazelnut brown eyes stare up at me with love and trust, just so I knew she was okay. She'd smile happily at me, creating little dimples in her cheeks.

She couldn't have gone far, a two meter high, metal fence surrounded the carnival and the guards at the front gate, which was the only place to enter and exit wouldn't have let a little eight year old girl leave without an adult.

I walked around slowly, trying to appear calm as my eyes swept from side to side, hoping to catch a glance of my little girl. I was reaching the edge of the carnival; I could the metal fence glinting slightly, almost invisible in the darkness, where the light barely reached.

That's when I heard a familiar giggle, I squinted my eyes, waiting for them to adjust. That's when I saw her standing in her faded green dress staring up at a clown.

I marched over, neither of them noticing me. The clown stood tall in a red and white checked jumpsuit, its skin a luminescent white with two blue diamond's painted over its eyes, it red hair spiked out from its head and those large red lips where closed, the large red nose looked more real than fake.

"Jenny, it's time to go home," I grabbed her hand and tugged her towards me.

"But mum!" she protested as I dragged her along, "My balloon!"

I glanced back at the clown that stood as still as a statue, holding the string that was attached to a dark green, helium blown balloon, I continued forwards.

"Don't you dare leave me like that again," I hissed as I drove home.

She grumbled something inaudible.

We lived in an old house, with dusty and empty rooms that where still yet to be explored. There was a little ball room that Jenny had taken to use as her playroom.

The instant I parked the car she stormed out and slammed the door, I sighed and followed her up the steps and unlocked the door to let us in.

"Go to bed okay?" I murmured as she clunked up the stairs and didn't even spare me a second glance.

Jenny had always loved clowns.

So I understood in her eyes, me taking her away from the carnival where she was talking with that creepy one was pure betrayal.

I shrugged out of my overcoat and hung it up, after flicking a switch, light flickered to life, revealing a beautiful timber interior. I'd paid good money for this place.

After taking a long and boiling hot shower and changing into clean, silky pyjamas I padded down the hallway to Jenny's room, her door was closed so I knocked quietly before creaking it open. Her bed was made perfectly, untouched from when I made it this morning. A freezing breeze gushed in from her open window where moonlight spilled in, giving and eerie blue glow to her room.

As I tugged down her wooden window I heard a whisper of something that made me freeze to the spot.

Doot-Doot-Doodle-Oodle Ot Doot Do-Do.

Theme music for clowns, the same that had been playing at the carnival, though that was over twenty minutes drive away. So it wasn't from that.

I turned around slowly, the lights in the hallway had faded to almost no existence, very slowly I slipped from Jenny's room and attempted to edge away from the direction the music was coming from, but it seemed to come from everywhere.

Doot-Doot-Doodle-Oodle Ot Doot Do-Do.

Then it stopped, completely. I stayed with my back against the wall for a few seconds until I heard the sound of Jenny's giggling. I sighed in relief and followed the pearly sound, all the way up another set of stairs. I pushed opened the heavy double doors of the ballroom and half smiled at my little angel who stood silently now at the back of the room.

She was holding string that was attached to a dark green, helium blown balloon in one hand, with the other she began to wave to me very slowly, her hand was bloody, and that's when I saw the writing slimed in her blood over the surface of the wall behind her.

A scream was stuck in my throat; my blood had turned ice cold, I managed to read the two simple words in the gloominess of the room before teeth ripped into my neck.

'Turn around.'

Doot-Doot-Doodle-Oodle Ot Doot Do-Do.