I have been here

So many times

Standing on the bridge

Overlooking the sky

I know this would happen again

And here I am

My mind is overshadowed

With inexplicable thoughts

So complicated

Why is this happening to me

over and over?

It happened in the past

I am here again

Who knows

what the future holds?

So mysterious

and intriguing

But I know

Life has been so interesting

Not only for me, but

for every soul

In this world

They say

Life is what you make it

So, I am making it right now

With my own dignity

and confidence

It doesn't matter what

The end will be

But the journey to it does

I am

Making this decision

My own choice,

My own wish,

I shall have no regrets

Because I have decided

For every decision I make

I will think about it

Looking back, I made no mistake

But the road in front of me

Leads me to the path

That I chose

And that is

Being what I want to be.