I know, its been a while. Six years, in fact. But for anyone still out there who once cared about this story, I thought I'd share some news.

I'm rewriting. Or… Well, editing and re-releasing the series, over on Wattpad (and if you know me, you'll know that is not something I ever thought I'd announce!). It's the same characters, the same storyline, but hopefully more polished. I was practically a novice when I started writing this Dare You To Love Me, and now that I think I've improved, I figured it was finally time to bring Tristan home.

I won't be taking this version down; it means too much to me. Those of you reading this who read from the beginning… You mean too much to me. And even if you never reach Wattpad, know that your support and love for this series has meant so much and always will, no matter where it moves. And Tristan gets a real ego trip out of it, too!

It's under the same name, under my penname (henbee), and you can find me at .com, my blog, where you can get access too. If you don't want to read it, then that's absolutely fine and thank you so much again, but if you do… I really would love to hear from you!

Its been a real blast, readers. And I hope we'll keep having fun.

I think we've all missed Tristan.

Thank you, so much, again.


henbee x