Whisper yourself an eternal sunshine from sweet nothings for your ear. Take this sweet solace as thinly veiled anonymity. Let lips take what tongues fail to grasp. "You're as beautiful as my own sins."

Embrace this remisson of absolution. Keep your blistered feet to the nexus of my electric dreams. These words lay bare at the sanction of luminescent memories. Let dance of our remorseful souls like sunsets to my callused veins. Singing songs of gathered gods and stars from your heaven hue eyes. Every smile lit incandescent and screams this heart's attack for bliss. "You're a heart's tale of sweet avalanches and guilty muses."

Compose this sweetheart symphony underneath this book of verse. Before me as my vision's fleeting, lush lavender to your lips, spoken in words I cannot read. In ecstasy, this heart beating melodies of what angels sing. On these rooftop, screaming affinty of our one truth. "We're explorers in this seven minute dark heaven."

Confess from your heartsease eyes and violet's reclined head. Dream your way to moonlit arms holding souls pretty. Bright worlds dying with the sun, black dresses piruotte through sleepless hearts. Soaked to the skin, put your lips to the pulse of the vain and cupidity. Let unfold echos of mumbled serenades where stars once held. Keep gravity denied to our starless city before golden morning breaks. "Charm your heart with my imperfect ploy. Sung of ice cream headaches and flourescent nights, take your head's rest. Wear your radical heart to your sleeve. Take "heart" as word of the couple days."