In Corten Academy you get two kinds of people. The Flips are at the bottom of the food chain, and the Aces rule the Academy. But this isn't based on looks or popularity. Your group depends on one main thing and that thing only. If you've been accepted. And I don't mean accepted as in "fitting in", I mean if you've been accepted into the Aces, the youngest group of vigilante assassins ever created. Not that I knew this at first. All I knew was that I was extremely pissed at my parents for sticking me to some boarding school because they were sick of me. They weren't even descent enough to deny the fact they wanted rid of me.

You might want a bit more of an explanation. My name is Cadence Blockman. I'm seventeen, and the guy that every girl loves, and every parent hates. I'm that guy who rides his sick motorcycle to school every day, and skips most of his classes to make out with girls in empty classrooms. I may seem a bit cocky but the girls love me. They see my black hair I'm too lazy to brush, my dark green piercing eyes; tall 6'0" and muscle-y frame, and add a leather jacket and a couple tattoos and I'm the classic "Bad Boy". So when I rode up to the main school building on Betsy (Yes I named my motorcycle, and yes I named it after a cliché, bubblegum-chewing, bad permed, waitress I met on my way back from buying the 'cycle. But, hey, she had a nice rack) three out of the four things I predicted to happen, happened.

One- Every straight male on the facility glared holes through the back of my head.

Two- Every female on the facility (including a teacher) that I could see swooned.

Three- A little pack of sluts introduced themselves as something along the lines of Brittney, Diamond, Ashley, and Missy. (Or was it Prissy?).

But what I did not expect was a bright blue haired boy to storm past me, gripping my arm dragging me to a little shady group of trees and a bench. To my defense he caught me by surprise. He turned around sat on the bench and scrutinized every inch of me. I don't know if you've had someone of the same sex check you out, but if you're straight, it's disturbing. "If you're done checking me out, I need to get flirt with some easy ladies, if you know what I'm implying." I spoke.

"I'm not gay, imbecile, nor was I checking you out." Blue dude said. Who says nor these days? I thought, but I kept my mouth shut. "You reek of trouble, and I saved you from getting in a fight with the wrong people." Bluey added. "I've been on campus for ten minutes at the most. Who are you to judge me?" I said. Well, he was right, but I wasn't going to tell him that. This dude was freaky. What was so messed up with these people some bystander, who doesn't like me, would go out of their way to stop me from fighting someone. "I'm going to elaborate," started Bluey. "My name is Ronaldѐ; chances are you've already given me a nickname based on my hair, but drop it or I will make sure you end up in two different wells at the same time, one here, and one in Africa." "Threat noted." I responded dryly. "The people here are…different, for lack of a better word. They belong to a different society than you and others do." Ronaldѐ inquired. "What is this? Some kind of cult that kills people?" I asked. "Well….you're partly right." Ronaldѐ said. My eyebrows rose. Ronaldѐ looked me dead in the eye and said "You were sent here for a reason. Cadence Blockman, you've officially been accepted."

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