The wind says soft words to my ears
The pressure's more than I can take
My head hurts more than this heartache
Cloth netting catches fallen tears
And now, what are we supposed to be?
You're close but far away from me

Experience has things to teach
I can't quite find my sense of self
I think it's on the upper shelf
Standing tiptoe, I can't quite reach
Why is it up there anyway?
Have I tucked more than that away?

My soul is a game of tic-tac-toe
One side knows all the strategies
The other knows the best of me
The losing player sketches 'O'
And turns away in cold defeat
That victory was much too sweet.

Cold words drive daggers to the core
I had a retort on my tongue
Before icicles pierced my lungs
From my lips rings a silent roar
The shadows of my past arrive
How am I dead but still alive?

A jar of paint I labeled 'smile'
I close my eyes and swear to God
Thin cobwebs mar my white fa├žade
A masquerade of guilt and guile
How long have I been standing there?
Or am I even anywhere?

My brain is a mess of mangled thoughts and even more mangled feelings.
Inspired by Charlotte Martin's song Steel.