Hello! Umm… this will be a series of a hundred haikus (after forcing Bob-The-Rock to give me a hundred prompts), with five haikus in every chapter. It's actually a shot to try and improve my poetry-stuff skills (apart from the free-verse, because this year, I think we're going to study poetry, and I think free-verse won't work). And, with five haikus per chapter, here it is!

1) Men in Tights

The Men in Tights walk,
And I stare at them and think,
Why do they wear that?

(Umm… I dunno. Just… go with it, 'kay?)

2) Toilet Seat

The toilet seat sits,
Abused by many humans.
It longs for freedom.

(Well… yeah. XD)

3) Dragons

The Dragons fly high,
Displaying their awesomeness.
I wish I could fly.

(I wish I can fly… lucky dragons.)

4) Raisins

The raisins are good,
They are not at all racist.
We should be like them.

(Hmm… basically a friend typed 'We're not raisins' instead of 'We're not racist'.)

5) Burping Flies

The flies burp up gas,
Some find this disrespectful,
But I just crack up.

(Blame Bob-The-Rock for the prompt.)

Next one (should be) coming soon!

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