Umm…. Last five haiku… sort of emotional… I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT.

If I had five cents for every chapter I put up, I'd have a good dollar by now.

96) Electricity

Is used for many things used
In our daily lives.

97) Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears are nice
Little harmless stuffed creature
That we love to hug.


98) Unicorns

Unicorns have horns
Sticking out of their big heads
But they cannot fly.

(I want a unicorn. That can fly.)

99) Potatoes

Potatoes are nice
And smell good when they are steamed.
They taste fantastic.

(Om nom nom.)

100) Fairies

Fairies can fly high
With their little sparkly wings
And small magic wands.

It's the end.

We kicked it off with fairies.
I don't even… *Shakes head*

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO THOUGHT I COULD DO IT! Thank you to all for reading the haiku!

List of Achievements-
-Completing 100 haiku.
-Actually, like, FINISHING it. In yo face, people who thought I couldn't do it.
-The warm fuzzy feeling you get inside you when you actually focus on and complete something.
-Massaging my neck in class with said scalp-scratcher.

And now, for the final ever haiku…

The End-
The end of it all
Has approached us, souls and all,
And I say, 'Good bye.'

Souls and all? *Shrug*

We're ending this with toilet seats.

I liked the toilet seat one. :D

BYE, ALL! *Weeps* *Tackle-hugs readers* *Throws out virtual cookies* *Weeps harder* *Hands out cake*
*Goes to door to leave* *Turns back* *Doffs hat* *Poofs*

Toilet Seats.