Meet Anna Parker

'The Demon approached me, its bladed hands spinning. I generated ordinary gold energy on my hands, I was very close to the edge with energy. It was very likely that this bolt will kill me. The Demon's spinning blades were very close to my head.

The Demon stopped dead and the blades disappeared. I hesitated, waiting to see what it would do. It held it's arms out on either side of me and...'

"Anna Parker!"

Damn it! Right at a good part, as per usual.

"What? I'm kind of in the middle of something!" I shouted back down at my step-mother, Rachael.

"Just get down here and stop your shouting or you'll wake up those brats and they'll start crying!" Groaning I got up, placed a bookmark in my spot and placed it on my desk. Grabbing my I-Pod I walked down the stairs. When I was standing in front of Rachael I crossed my arms and glared at her.

"What?" I spat. Rachael Parker, my 35 year old step-mother. She was tall, but a little pudgy with long fake red curls and glacial grey eyes. My father married her when I was two. I've never met my mother but I always hoped that she was a lot better than Rachael.

"There's a load of dishes sitting there calling your name." She snarled.

"Oh, Yipee for me." I muttered rolling my eyes.

"Don't talk to me like that you little Bitch." She snapped at me, poking her finger at my chest. I slapped her hand away from me.

"I'm not the one here who's the bitch here. If you want to look at one, go look in the mirror."

"Anna whatever the hell your middle name is Parker, your a..."

Oh Blah, Blah, Blah.

And with that thought I put in my earphones and found the song. As I started the dishes and listening away to Ke$ha, I heard Rachael stomp off down the hallway and slam her door. I cringed, hoping that the slam didn't disturb the twins. After I had finished I made my way back upstairs. I shared the top half of the house with my half sisters, the twins, Taylor and Trinity.

Pretty names for pretty girls. My Dad named them. They are five years old, blonde hair that came just below their shoulder blades, crystal blue eyes like mine, inherited from our father and cute little baby faces. They were completely identical except that Trinity has a strawberry birth mark on her right wrist. I love them to death and so did dad. But as far as Rachael's concerned, they don't exist. Dad said she complained throughout the whole pregnancy, and I'm pretty sire carrying them around for 9 months was all she ever did for them. After they were born dad took care of them and when he died I took the responsibility gladly. I opened their door to check on them.

"Anna?" A little voice called out through the darkness. I opened the door a little wider to let more light spill in. Trinity was sitting upright in her bed, her hair escaping from her little pigtails and blue eyes blurry from sleep. I padded softly over to her.

"What's wrong hunny?" I whispered. Her little cheeks tinted pink.

"I had an accident." She whispered back so softly I had to lean in so I could hear her. Trinity was still at her bed wetting stage. Where as her twin grew out of it a couple of months ago.

"It's alright sweety," I soothed, "Jump out of those PJs and go have a quick shower." She nodded her head and walked away. I stripped her bed and put everything into a pile at the end of her bed. Then lifted up the plastic sheet off her mattress and added that to the pile too. Grabbing the stuff I dumped it in the hallway and went to the bathroom.


"Yes, Anna?" She called out softly.

"I'm going to put your bed stuff in the wash. When your done get dressed in new PJs and climb into my bed. Okay?"

"Ok, thank you."

"Your welcome, bub." I grab the load again and made my way quietly downstairs to the Laundry. Throwing it all in and adding a bit of washing powder I turned it on. As I walked out I found Rachael leaning against her door.

"Is the little baby still wetting the bed?" She sneered.

"What's it to you? Its not like you care." I spat back at her. She just shrugged and turned back into her room, slamming her door behind her. I rolled my eyes at her childishness and went back upstairs, locking the door at the top behind me. Walking into my room I found Trinity sitting upright at the top of my bed clutching a photo frame. My throat tightened and my eyes began to sting. The photo was of my Dad, William Parker, and myself when I was five.

I was sitting on his shoulders and we were both looking at each other grinning. The photo was taken by Rachael, much to her disgust. Dad died two years ago in a car accident. Rachael blamed me for his death. She says its my fault because he was driving quickly to try to get to a talent quest at my show and I was performing. When a drunk driver ran a red light and hit him. When I was walking out on stage, furious at him for not coming, he was fighting for his life. He didn't die at the scene, he went to hospital and when my teacher told me after I got off stage she drove me to the hospital where he was at. It was painful to see him there, all crumpled and bruised.

"Anna?" Trinity's called out bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah Nina?" I replied walking over to my closet to pull on my PJs.

"What was daddy like?" She whispered. I turned around to find her stroking his face in the photo. I walked over and sat beside her. Tears threatened to spill from my eyes when I saw Trinity's own splash onto the picture.

"He was smart, funny and he loved you and Taylor very much." I whispered. Trin turned to me.

"And you?" A tear leaked out of the side of my eye.

"Yes hunny, and me."

"I don't remember him, Marica." My heart went out to her, especially when she used the Spanish word for Sissy. I wrapped my arms around her and we both cried ourselves to sleep.

Okay, so this is my second attempt at this story. I just wasn't happy with they way the first attempt was written. So same story line, just written differntly and all the characters names have changed, except Anna.

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