Their Back?

In the morning I found two lumps laying either side of me, cuddled up to my sides. Letting out a chuckle I slipped out and watched how they both, unconsciously searched for me. When they couldn't find me they linked hands with one another.


I quickly, but quietly grabbed my camera off my nightstand and took a picture of the twins. I have heaps of cute pics like this one. I have the best one's framed in the upstairs hallway. The upper part of the house was basically a small apartment if you cancelled out downstairs. It had a small kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, a dining area that linked to the living room, a playroom/office and it had a balcony coming off my room. It was spacious and had everything we needed except a Laundry, but the twins and I were grateful to have it. I walked to the kitchen to start on breakfast while the cherubs 'querubines' (Cherubs) were still asleep. I pulled a pack of bacon out of the fridge along with a carton of eggs.

The girls were just coming in as I was finishing off the cooking.

"Quick, run down and set the table." I said to them. They quickly ran off down the hallway, eagerly, to do as they were told. I carried the plate of food and a jug of apple and pineapple juice sown to the dinning room where the girls were sitting down ready for me to serve it up.

"Thanks you Anna!" They said as they started to woof down their food. With a small smile on my lips on began to eat mine.


"Anna!" I heard Rachael shout from below. With the twins in my lap we were all sitting on the couch watching the morning cartoons, having a good quiet morning. But the witch has woken up to spoil our fun.

"I'll be right back girls." I whispered.

"Okay Anna." Taylor answered. Trinity gave me a hug.

"Please be careful. I don't like it when mummy yells at you." She whispered in my ear. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and a small reassuring smile and made my way out the door. At the bottom of the stairs I found the Wicked Witch from the West standing in a towel with her hair dripping wet.

"You howled?"

"Yes, I need you to run to the store for me..."

"You can't go why?" I interrupted.

"Because I'm not dressed and I need to be in a meeting in an hour. So just do it!" She demanded, shoving a list in my hand and stomping off.

"Sure thing, Cruella." I muttered and walked back up the stairs. In my room I changed into a pair of Jeans and a tight back T-shirt and Threw my leather jacket over the top. I threw my long blonde curls up in a messy bun and applied a little make-up. I grabbed my keys and helmet then went down to the girls.

"Hey, chica's! I need to run to the store for your mum." Two little girls threw themselves at me.

"Please don't leave us. Mummy's mean!" Trinity yelled, her bottom lip trembling.

"Yeah, please stay here. Make her go." Taylor agreed. I bent down so I was at their eye level.

"Come on girls, you know if I don't go for her, I'll get in trouble and I can't risk that because of you two. Just stay up here and I'll lock the stairway door so Rachael can't get up here."

"Okay," Trin sniffed. Taylor just nodded and took her sister's and, guiding her over to the couch.

"I'll be back in half an hour so I can take you to your dancing lessons." That comment got a smile out of them and with that I walked out. After locking the stair door, I went down to the garage where Rachael's Ford Focus sat and next to it my 'baby'. My 'baby' being my Black MV Agusta Brutale Motorbike. I loved it to death. My dad and I found it at a junk yard and I fell in love. Dad bought it for me and we re-built it together. Then we added the black paint job and Dad tried to fight me for it. Let's just say I won. The bike purred as I started it and I slipped on my helmet. Then I was shooting out of the garage, loving the feeling of riding my bike. I smiled the whole way to the shops but once I got to the parking lot my smile fell as I recognised the two people in he spot in font of me. The guy had the girl pressed up against the blue Ford Fiesta with her legs wrapped around his waist. They were both slobbering over each others face.

"Well it sure looks like you miss me huh, James?" I said casually, smirking, and pulling off my helmet. James Grant spun around faster than you can say busted, making the girl, Lora Dringal, fall down to the ground. James is one of the most sort out guys in our school. Will his tall, tan, muscular figure and sandy coloured hair. His grey eyes made all the girls weak at the knees as you stared into the depths of them. James was my boyfriend, until he decided to go behind my back and sleep with the girl lying on the floor. Lora had been one of my best friends. She stood at 5'5, has long, perfectly straight chocolate hair that compensated for her dull brown eyes. They both stared at me, but with different expressions. James looked shocked and panicked where as Lora just looked smug as she picked herself up from the ground.

"A-Anna? Ah... hey." James spluttered.

"Hi ya James. How are you?" But before he could answer a high pitched voice cut him off.

"He's fine. As you can see." Lora spat as she placed a possessive hand on his shoulder. "Don't expect to get him back." James fidgeted as Lora glared at me.

"Oh, don't worry. I don't want him. Cause you see I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't in some other girls pants already." I said back calmly. James's cheeks flushed at my comment. "I rest my case." I walked off hearing Lora's frustrated squeal and James's nervous chuckle behind me.

As I was finishing Rachael's list of demands I heard a squeal behind me.

"Anime!" I turned around to the sound of my nickname and saw one of my best friends, Aura Serenity. Aura was short, even shorter than me and I'm 5'1. She has long flowing brown hair and deep gorgeous brown eyes. She had curves in all the right places and a nice tan figure.

"Midgit!" I squealed back as her tawny arms wrapped around me.

"How are you?" She asked pulling back.

"Fine and Dandy." I flashed her smile.

"Good, just forget James. Anyway, he's a prick," She said giggling, "But you have to admit there's something seriously wrong with him if he choose Lora over you." I smiled at her words.

"Nawww, thanks midg, you always know what to say."

"Your welcome, hun."

"Aura!" We both turned to see Aura's mum, Heather Serenity at the top of the isle with a shopping cart full of bags. "It's time to go. Hi Anna, sweety." She smiled at me.

"Hi Mrs Serenity, " I waved back at her.

"Well time to go hun!" Aura gave me another hug, "Cya tomorrow at school!"

"Don't remind me," I groaned. Aura laughed at this.

"You'll be right, ily!" She said waving back. Aura was a ball of energetic, fun and always knew the right thing to say.


As I walked into the house there was a flash of red and the shopping bags were gone, without even a thank-you. I walked upstairs and unlocked the door. After dumping my keys, helmet, wallet and retrieving my laptop, I went to the living room. But it was empty.

"Girls?" I called out. I heard a few giggles, that's when I figured out what they were up to.

"Hmm, I wonder where they could be," I mused out loud, causing a few more giggles. I placed my laptop on the couch and started to walk around the room, pretending to look in a few places. After about a minute I sighed loudly and sat on the couch.

"I give up, they are just too good for me." After a few seconds I could hear the tiny sounds of little feet trying to sneak up behind me. I waited until they stopped moving and counted to three in my head. Then I quickly turned around and shouted,

"Rawrrr!" they squealed and fell on their behinds and giggled. I jumped the back of the couch and landed between the girls and began to tickle them. Their giggles filled the air and soon all three of us were on the ground laughing loudly, enjoying life at this moment in time, but as always the witch needs to appear.

"Hey! Shut up!" Rachael yelled coming into the room. How did she get in? I thought I locked the door?

I heard the girls muffle their giggles and I too tried to hide my smile at Rachael's appearance. She was dressed for work but entirely ready. She had started her make-up, started being the key word here. She had one eye with heavily applied eye-liner and had thick greasy eye-lashes. Her bright, red lip-stick was as thick as it could get with it surrounding her lips as well as on plus her hair was a bird's nest.

"I'm trying to get ready for work! I have a house to sell today so give me a little peace while I get ready!" she screamed.

I grinned at her.

"Rachael, are you planning to sell the house, or scaring the buyers off." I said spluttering into laughter. Rachel huffed and stomped off while us girls were clutching our stomachs laughing.

"Mummy looked really silly," Taylor giggled.

"She looked like a clown," commented Trinity. After wiping away my tears. I stood up.

"Okay you two time to get dressed." I followed the girls and got them into their dancing outfits. The twins did dancing lessons at eleven am. The two were naturals at it and I have never been more proud of them. As they were brushing their teeth my phone rang.


"Anime!" The sound of Lilith Amante's voice came through the speaker.

"Heya Lily Pad What's happening?"

"Just wondering if you wanted a lift getting those pretty little girls of yours to their class?"

"Your a life saver! I was Just going to call a taxi." Lilith's laugh came through.

"Oh bub, you really need a car, but no, you had to get a bike."

"Hey! I love my bike thank-you and beside's I'm saving up for a car."

"Sure, sure. I'll see you in five"

"Thanks again!"

"No prob, bub's"

Lilith was another one of my bestie's. She was quite tall at, 5'4 and a very pale body but with curve's in the right spots. She has short cropped light brown maybe the smartest in air group, and loves music.

"Come on girls! Lilith is on her way." I grabbed my wallet, keys, phone and camera to take lots of pics. We made our way outside, Rachael already left, and Lilith pulled up in her cute little white bug.

"Hey!" She called out.

"Lilith!" the girls called back running to give her a hug.

"How's my favourite girls?"

"Good." Perfect sync again. I pulled the passenger seat forward to let the girls climb in the back, then let it fall back and get in myself. Lilith pulled out and started driving.

"So what class today girls?" Lilith asked

"Tap!" Trinity answered

"You like tap?"

"It's our favourite!" Taylor replied

"Awesome! Can I watch?"

"Yeah!" They called out enthusiastically. Lilith and I chuckled as we pulled into the dance studio. The girls have been attending dance classes since they were four years old and they loved every minute of it. The girls raced each other in and by the time Lilith and I were in the building they already had their tap shoes on and mingling with their friends.

"They are all so adorable!" Lilith squealed. I laughed and we sat down and watched the tiny tots tap away.


Half an hour an 10,000 photos later we were back in Lilith's bug on our way back home we ventured upstairs, where the girls got out of their dancing clothes and into casual and went off to play in the play room. While Lilith and I went into the lounge room to talk. I told her about my run in with James this morning.

"I swear if they were any closer I would of had to cal the police for public nudity." I commented to Lilith.

"He is such a horny scumbag I mean on Friday he's on his knee's begging for you to take him back and now he's basically screwing that cow in the parking lot!" She exclaimed. This is why I love Lily pad, she understands what I'm getting at.

"The only reason James likes her is because she's an easy fuck," Lily muttered. I burst out laughing and upon seeing my reaction Lilith did the same. After a minute or two of laughing constantly, Trinity and Taylor came in.

"What's so funny?" Trinity asked. But this only made us laugh harder.

"Come on Trin, let's leave the crazy people alone," Taylor stated as she took Trinity's hand and led her away leaving us 'crazy' people to our lunatic moment.


"Goodnight girls," I whispered as I shut the door to their room.

"Night, Marica," they whispered back. I made my way to the bathroom and caught a look of myself in the mirror. My long, light blonde curls had escaped from my bun, my bright blue eyes were shinning with laughter and since Grant, I actually looked happy. Lora had really hurt and betrayed me with what she had done. What did she have that I didn't. I am quite pretty at 17 and standing at 5'1, I have the fair looks and curves in the right places. Well who cares anymore. I'm nt going to let her run my life over a guy. She can have the trash.

After having a nice, relaxing shower I picked up my laptop and sat on the couch, logging into msn ready to have a nice conversation.

A window popped up straight away.

Ryce Braaahh: Hey Babe!!

Anime: Hey Rylie!!

Ryce Braaahh: How are you? You know, after the whole Grant fiasco?

Anime: I'm fine. I've decided that Lora can have the damn trash, ;)

Ryce Braaahh: That's my girl!! brb

Anime: k.

Rylie Celeste is another one of my Best Friends. She is quite tall, about 5'6, but had a small frame, and has a very nice tan. She has shoulder length black hair and chocolate brown eyes that held depth. She's the tomboy of all of us, but we still love her to bits.

Another window popped up on my screen.

Marcy 3: Hey Girlfriend!!

A small smile crept up onto my face. The last member of our gang, Marcello Lewis, or as we like to call our gay little friend, Marcy. Marcello has been my best friend since year one. We met when the bully of our class pushed me into the cement and little 6 year old Marcy threw a punch to the kids nose. Then proceeded to pick me up and carry me to the school nurse. We've been inseparable ever since. We tried to have a relationship together when we were 15 but as it turned out he decided he was gay, but I was strangely okay with that and I think its pretty cool to have a gay best friend. It was a damn shame he was gay though cause over the years he turned from a small, skinny kid to a tall (6'1), very tanned, muscular teenager. Black hair brushed the back of his neck and hung just above his emerald green eyes. He's a real sweetheart and you can't find a truer friend than him.

Anime: Hey Marcy!!

Marcy 3: How's that yummy ex-boyfriend of yours??

Anime: Yummy??

Marcy 3: Sorry hun but even though he's a dick, ( a big one I'm sure ;) he's still yummy looking.

Anime: Hahahaha, okay?? Well I found him dry humping Lora today in the mall parking lot, :S

Marcy 3: Thats HOTT!! :P

Anime: ???

Marcy 3: But wrong, very wrong.

Laughing I clicked back over to Rylie's conversation.

Ryce Braaahh: I'M BACK!!

Anime: Hahaha

Ryce Braaahh: So watcha doing anyway?

Anime: Not much hey, you?

Ryce Braaahh: NCIS!! :P

Anime: Of course. I'm gonna go to bed, k?

Ryce Braaahh: Nooo! Who am I gonna talk to then? :(

Anime: Ummm, Marcy? lol

Ryce Braaahh: True! Cya! ILY!!

Anime: ilyxx

I clicked back to Marcy.

Anime: Hey, I'm gonna go to bed.

Marcy 3: Okay, :( *sniff sniff*

Anime: Nawww, you know I love you :)

Marcy 3: As I love you my little friend.

Anime: Hey! -.-

Marcy 3: Hahahaha, ILY!!

Anime: ilyxx

I signed off and went to my room and opened the door that joined my room with the twins. They were sound asleep meaning Trinity hasn't wet yet. Smiling I put my laptop on the charger and climbed into bed. Switching off the lamp, I slowly drifted off to sleep.


The room was white. Everything in it was white. Including the crumpled figure hooked up to the beeping machines in laying in the white bed. The only thing that wasn't white, were William Parker's piercing blue eyes.

"Daddy," My 15 year old self whispered. Dad's eyes flashed over to me.

"Nina," he whispered back. Dad's family was from Spain before they moved to Australia but Dad insisted in learning the language and then taught it to me as I grew up.

"How did the show go, hunny?" he asked beckoning for me to come over to him.

"I don't know, Daddy. I left before they announced the winners." Tears started to pool into my eyes as I sat down next to him, careful not to touch any of the chords protruding from him.

"Well its like you always tell me, its not about winning or losing but,"

"About the thrill I get from performing," I finished for him.

"You've been telling me that ever since your first show." Dad said smiling proudly. I took his hand.

"How you feeling, old man?"

"Alive and kicking." He replied, flashing a toothy grin.

"You won't leave me?" I whispered, a tear leaking from my eye.

"Come here," he said brushing the chords away a little so I was able to crawl under his arm. "Now, have I ever left you before?"

"No," I whispered.

"And I won't ever." he said bringing my hand up to place a fatherly kiss there.


"I promise," he said laying back onto his pillow. His eyelids fluttered but his grip on my hand remained. My tears ran freely down my cheeks now, snuggling down into my father' s side I whispered one last thing before falling asleep.

"Please don't leave me Daddy. Please."


I quickly sat upright in my bed, tears were streaming down my face.

Why were the dreams back?