A World Without Light

The wind whistles in the tree;

the eerie hills




Dark can be suffocating;

Dark can hold fury;

Can remind that there is so much not to know;

the night can leave a heaviness on the soul,

but there is nothing to fear in pure black;



but in total darkness,

shadows are

stifled out.

The night is quiet; the night is peace.

The night holds no pain,

no loss.

The night is for introspection

and the night is to



for in the dark there is no shame.

We are all the same

Would we fear the dark if there was no light?

Spend too long in light,

and the dark will be ominous,

but spend too long in dark

and the light will surely burn your eyes.

Fear can be overcome,

But even in the clear of day

eyes without sin couldn't look upon the sun with no pain