He staggered and was enough to be 'still there,' seeing her ahead on the left.

"Has anyone ever told you, 'You're beautiful?'"

And with her reticent grin—
"Ooooohhhaaaa!" in a belching, pseudo-vomiting nature.
"It'd be funny if it happened there."

Her eyes drew up, back towards her head in disgust, with a sharply egressive and embellished sigh,
as she then drew into her room and closed the door, before which she'd been standing.

In a semi-drunken stupor and with an equally confused look at her, now, closed commonplace, hunter green dorm room door that contrasted the white and someplaces peeling cinder walls,

"And you know what's the best part of ya?.. You're all cheeks and subsequent smile."

She couldn't help herself...