At the bottom of the garden,

There was once a door

That led to far away,

But it's not there anymore.

There used to be fairies,

Down at the park,

They hid during the day,

But they'd come out after dark.

There was a unicorn down the road,

And the pixies came out to play

When the sun came down,

And they'd hide during the day,

There was a monster in my cupboard,

The dog would chase it away,

He was secretly a knight,

But a dog during the day,

I once had a tower,

And there would be a knight,

And there was an evil witch,

And the two would fight,

There used to be a gingerbread house,

At the bottom of my street,

And a wicked witch who lived there,

All the children she would eat,

I used to play with fairies,

But then they went away,

They had to hide from me,

In the night and in the day,

And the unicorn lost its horn,

So now it's just a horse,

And the pixies left for good,

And the wicked witch, of course,

We don't have that dog any more,

And I don't have a knight,

The monster's not in my cupboard,

It's out there in the night,

And at ther bottom of my garden,

Where there used to be a door,

There's nothing but a mound of earth,

And no doorway any more.