Rebecca walked into the bungalow and flipped on the light switch, after putting down her basket of cleaning equipment. Behind her, was her cleaning partner, Skye who carried the rest of it into the living room. They were both dressed in faded jeans and wearing tee-shirts which bore the insignia of the company that employed them.

The bungalow had been rented out to a military officer who worked in intelligence but also covert assignments that often took him away from his residence for weeks at a time. She hadn't ever met him but she knew some things about him just from cleaning his pad twice already.

She knew that he favored an interesting if unfamiliar brand of bourbon which he kept inside his cabinet near his wet bar. He had one hell of an entertainment system including speakers in different places around his bungalow. He favored steaks, which were kept in his freezer and Mexican food based on the jars of salsa and fresh cilantro inside his produce section of his frig.

His name was Dirk and he had looked in his photos to be in his late thirties…maybe slightly older but he looked as fit as he probably did when he was in his twenties which still seemed ancient to her because she had just turned 18.

She hadn't really snooped in his closet yet…but had seen a military flight suit hanging on the door. And his dresser of doors…might give her a clue of what he wore underneath that flight suit.

She had asked Skye how well she knew…Dirk and the other woman had just smiled. A little bit coyly Rebecca had thought. And then she had taken her bunch of rags and some cleanser and headed to the bathroom.

They had drawn lots as they usually did to who would clean what room. Skye had drawn the bathroom, which had its pros and cons when it came to cleaning. Bathrooms might require the most cleaning of unpleasant things but yet they often yielded the most intimate information about a person. And being an inquisitive person, Rebecca had hoped that this time…she would draw it…but it seemed like the deck was always stacked against her when it came time to clean Dirk's bungalow.

She walked into his bedroom past the enormous king sized bed with some silky fine linins..she knew that…perhaps an indulgence by a man who clearly favored masculine décor. Photos of him standing in front of airplanes and on aircraft carriers in different spots, with different people adorned the wall along with photos of other people smiling for the camera as well. Clearly he had a lot of friends or at least acquaintances.

And as she caressed the spread on top of the bed, she wondered how many women had laid on it while Dirk had pleasured them…she imagined a lot because of the photos…where some of the women almost look flirtatious despite the formality of the military lifestyle.

She sighed looking back at her own paltry history in that area…she had been dating Bryan and a couple nights ago, they had, well gotten friendly on the couch at his crash pad and when he reached for the snaps on her pants she had sucked in her breath and thought, okay I can do this…I'm ready but as they had dispensed some of their clothes and she had watched him grow hard…she had reached out wanting to get her hands on him and then he had looked at her, dismayed and next thing she knew he had ejaculated.

That just seemed to happen with him more than once when they had…gotten closer. She guessed it wasn't uncommon in men his age. But damn it was frustrating to be going at it, to feel the pleasurable sensations build up inside her body, her pussy throbbing and then…meltdown.

She had thought about asking Skye for advice because she seemed to know a lot with her thick red hair and her triple piercings in her ear…so different than the photos she had seen of her a couple years ago, with her hair pinned off of her face and wearing glasses with some uniform from a school with Saint in its name. Not that Rebecca didn't know Catholic guilt…of even thinking about sex…and having sex with Bryan but mostly she ached because she didn't have much in the way of sins to report at confession.

So she hadn't gone in a while.

Dirk's rooms smelled of a man's cologne, musk and sandalwood and the smell of freshly cut grass and the nectar of some flower. She picked up a hint of it now, her senses going sharper as they had been lately since she had first stepped foot in the bungalow.

"There's something about this place…"

She hadn't heard Skye come up behind her.


"It's seen sin…the most delightful kind…"

Then Skye chuckled.

"His closet is awesome…but there's a secret inside it…"

Rebecca just looked confused at her.

"What do you mean?"

Skye shrugged with a mysterious smile on her face.

"It's too soon to show you…"

And then she sauntered back to cleaning the bathroom.

Rebecca cleaned the bedroom, not that it needed very much and she vacuumed the carpet, plush and soft she knew by looking at it. She wandered to the bay window which looked out onto the stony coastline where the waves of the Pacific Ocean broke over them.

The weather was hot…she knew…but humid because it was that time of year, when the scorching midday heat was drenched by late afternoon monsoons. The air felt charged and heavy at that time…that moment when the winds fell silent and the skies opened up soaking the thirsty earth with soothing rain.

Rebecca felt sensuous when she closed her eyes and let the rain coat her in its cool warmth…as it cascaded on her body…she thought of him.

Dirk…almost as if he were behind her, his strong arms wrapped around her, his body pressed against her back and then…she felt something hard…

Something huge and living…and then the vision faded as quickly as it had come.

They ate a light lunch after raiding his frig which always seemed to be filled with fresh food even when he wasn't there. They made sandwiches out of wheat bread which smelled freshly baked and cold cuts, tart with flavor on the deck out back, sitting in chairs and feeling the sea breeze waft across their faces. Outside was an endless field of green grass…and in the distance a grove of trees which hid something…something special…Rebecca felt that whenever she looked that way.

"Where'd you meet Dirk anyway," she asked.

Skye smiled as she chewed her sandwich thoughtfully. Rebecca sipped the fruity drink that had been in the frig in a pitcher and it tasted heavenly and slick as it poured down her throat, tingling her insides.

"At this really posh party at a hotel owned by the man he does business with sometimes," Skye said, "He's a bit older than I'm used to but god, he's got a body on him…and we just talked for a while and then we clicked."

"How so…"

"I don't know…I felt as if I were being watched for a while and then next thing I know he was there in front of me…we talked awhile and then he offered to show me the hotel…"

Rebecca sipped more out of her glass…and her body felt relaxed even sanguine.

"Sounds thrilling…"

Skye nodded.

"Well it's a very expensive looking place but a bit mysterious too…Dirk took me to some places where few people go…he said, and there…"

Skye's mouth curled into a smile.

"I'll leave the rest up to your imagination but what a weekend."

Rebecca's eyes widened.

"You mean…"

Skye shrugged.

"A lot…almost past what I could…but he's a great lover…"

Rebecca leaned back in her chair.

"So are you…he…"

Skye looked at her glass.

"It doesn't quite work that way…I am with someone else now."

They finished up their lunch and took their dishes inside to rinse in the sink and Rebecca returned to the bedroom…and did some dusting…but the room felt suddenly much hotter and she felt her neck prickle with sweat…and then something blow against her…causing her hairs to stand up electrified.

She looked around her but the room remained empty but suddenly she felt languid and sleepy…so she sat on the bed, and felt it pull against her and so she fell onto her back and felt the mattress give beneath her.

Her eyes closed…and then she felt the softest stroking on her skin…like feather touches or kisses….even with clothes on, she felt them underneath…a jolt of pleasure through her breasts…a tender form of lathing on her slightly rounded abdomen and a stabbing between her legs…where…she suddenly felt moist…but also tension coiled there and she just lay there unable to move.


She heard a masculine whisper fill her ears and her hips being lifted by unseen hands and then…oh my…she whimpered in her sleep and then she unknowingly slipped her hands into her jeans stroking herself, rubbing the lace of panties against her aching pussy.

And then she saw his shadow above her, tall and formidable looking, as strong as a tree and yet…she didn't fear him.

"We'll be together soon…I promise…"

His voice sounded rough, as if with want but she couldn't…no she could just see his silhouette.

"You brought her to me…like I asked."

A feminine voice answered….something familiar.

"You didn't ask…you ordered…But don't hurt her…she doesn't know the ways."

"I won't hurt her…beyond what stands between her and pleasure…she will be mine…."

And then his voice faded away as if on a breeze…and the world fell dark and silent again.

She woke up, her breasts heavy and her pussy…damp in her panties and she looked at the clock…she had just nodded off on Dirk's bed and so she lifted herself out of it and decided she had enough of the bedroom and moved on to clean his den. She didn't tell Skye what had just happened, about her dream.

She knew her friend would laugh and tell her that she was horny enough to act crazy, that she really needed to get some and if not with Bryan than with some other man.

"Sex is just so incredibly awesome…if it's with someone who knows how to do it right," Skye raved, as they sat on the couch in the den, "and how to do you…"

"What was it like for you?"

Skye made a face.

"Oh it sucked…my first couple of times with that guy who's the cook at that greasy diner…"

"No way…you and him…"

"Hey, it was a means to an end…I just wanted to get laid and not die a virgin and he did know where to stick it…but it's just so different with someone like Dirk."

Rebecca could tell just from the sound of Skye's voice.

"He's a bit rugged, a bit…dominant…but he knows what he's doing and he knows how to make a woman scream."

Rebecca blanched, thinking maybe that was TMI but she wondered what it would feel to be so thoroughly consumed with passion, enough to scream.

Not that it would ever happen to here, not at the rate things were going. She got off the couch.

"Well we'd better get finished and back to the shop…"

Skye stood up as well and stretched her arms.

"Hey wait…before we leave…you've really got to check out his closet…come on…I'll show you…"

Curious, Rebecca followed Skye into Dirk's bedroom, not knowing what to expect but deep inside her where it mattered, she felt the prickle of excitement and foreboding. Slice through her. But when Skye opened the door, nothing prepared her for what was inside...