This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world…just kidding this is actually a story about a girl who ended up another statistic. Yeah you got that right, she's a pregnant teen! But hey, she just graduated high school and getting ready for college.

But here's the kicker, she's running away from the baby daddy. She doesn't want him to have anything to do with his baby because she doesn't want him in her life. You're probably wondering what's so bad about this guy?

Actually, he's sort of perfect- at least to her, Dakota Callahan. The baby daddy is smart- he's never had anything short of an 88 percent- he's athletic, he was the star of the baseball team and made Varsity his sophomore year, he's super attractive, even if she refuses to admit it, and he's actually a great guy.

And you see this guy, Parker Remington, he's totally in love with Dakota. I mean really, he loves everything about her, he can't get enough of her and all he wants is to spend the rest of forever with her. But of course he wouldn't admit it. Hell he's pretty sure that she doesn't have a clue about how he feels.

But then again he doesn't have a clue that he's the father of her child. He did hear rumors about it though and the mysterious father. And of course he wanted to totally kill the jackass that impregnated her but he figured that being in jail wouldn't benefit anyone.

So as you can tell they're a sort of messed up couple. Actually they really aren't a couple per se. But who says that's going to stop anyone?

Parker is sort of the devil to Dakota.

Dakota is sort of an angel to Parker.

So now there you have it ladies and gentlemen, you have a girl who's trying to run away from her old life and a boy who is willing to go anywhere to get this girl back.

The journey starts from Northern Virginia and the destination is Venice Beach, California.

Now let's see who the winner of this race will be and who'll end up the loser.

A/n: Okay! Haha wow, I start too many stories. Basically this is just the prologue and if people seem to like the idea I'll update! Each chapter will switch from Dakota's POV to Parker's FYI haha the prologue is just like me talking/narrating. The first line is from the song Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days annnnd this is inspired by the song Run Devil Run by Kesha and also by that band Girl's Generation (I think).

Let me know what you think!