You'd think that being 18 years old and pregnant would scare the shit out of me but actually I was pretty calm. Okay well sure my heart might've stopped for like a couple of seconds and I might've thrown my water bottle out my window but hey that's pretty calm if you ask me.

Of course when I went to find out who the biological dad is I flipped out.

I screamed, cussed, threw things and proceeded to steal his car.

I mean really, there is no way in hell that Parker Remington is allowed to father my children.

It's not like I didn't expect it though, I really should've been calmer about it. It's not like I go around sleeping with every guy I come across.

I knew there weren't any other choices, it was either Parker or Gavin Monte the last two guys I've slept with in the last two or three months. I had a 'friends with benefits' relationship with Gavin and well sleeping with Parker was just a big drunken mistake.

I haven't talked to Parker since that fight we had last summer right before junior year. Then all of a sudden at Brittany Wade's party he talks to me when I'm drunk and emotional. Because let's face it, I'm an emotional impulsive drunk. It'd be a lot easier if I was an angry drunk but nope I had to sleep with the guy I was having conflicting feelings with.

He just wouldn't stop talking and I really wanted to kiss him again. So I did, one thing led to another and BOOM, I have a bun in the oven.

Let's just say what happened between us that summer hasn't exactly left my mind.

But I still don't like to talk about it.

"Dakota, you're crazy." Harmony laughs, rolling down the window.

"Just admit it, you think I'm brilliant."

I look out my window as I switch into the left lane.

"Maybe just a bit." She puts a small space between her pointer and thumb before smiling at me, "So I'm pretty sure that Chance and Chase will hate that idea of you running off."

I roll my eyes, my younger cousin Chase and his older brother Chance as basically my substitute for actual brothers. They live with us and so does my aunt- their mom. They're half-brothers though, Chance's dad died before he was born and Chase's dad is separated from their mom.

My dad works constantly and my mom is a stay at home mom. Much to say, she wasn't pleased about me breaking the news to her but the idea of having a grandchild grew on her. She liked the idea of being a young, pretty grandmother and being able to actually help me raise my son/daughter.

But she's not too fond of the idea of me running off to California.

She thinks that I should stay here in Northern Virginia and go to George Mason University or James Madison University instead of my dream school UC Berkeley while having my child here. But the thing is I just can't do that. Nuh uh, not possible. I have to get away from this place and Parker. I mean it is my life plan.

In a nutshell, I plan on going to Berkeley, even if I'm pregnant and getting my grandparents help for the time being. I'll graduate with a degree in psychology or even become a brain surgeon and then eventually move to New York.

Of course there are more details but that's just the basics.

The only unfortunate thing is that Parker is going to college in New York and probably plans on playing for the New York Yankees.

It's unfortunate that I'm more of a Red Soxs fan.

"They're actually okay with it. They'll be down here to help me move into my apartment." I shrug. For the time being I'll be with my grandparents at Venice Beach and I'll have an apartment right by Berkeley. I promise you though; I'm not as big of a spoiled brat as I sound.

"Really? Wow, how…unexpected." My best friend props her feet into the dashboard and pops her gum.

"I know, but Chase regrets teaching my how to hotwire a car when I got home earlier. He says I'm a menace to society."

"You are! I think we need to start putting a leash on you."

"Oh chill out Har, I'm not going to go Godzilla and set the town on fire. Now that's what I call a menace to society not little ol' me." I adjust my sunglasses and pull my light brown hair over to the side.

"No I'm pretty sure you constitute as a menace. You did steal a boy's car, got impregnated by said boy and now you're going to a crime spree across the country." She turns and gives me a knowing look.

"I'm not going on a crime spree."

"Stealing a car is illegal. You're crossing the state boarders!"

"Harmony I'm not a felon either! Plus knowing Parker he thinks it's funny." Although I have to admit, his car is a lot cleaner then I remembered. It even smells sorta like him if you subtract the smell of leather.

"Sure you aren't." She says unconvinced, "Just keep your eyes on the road Bonnie."

"Okay then Clyde." I give up and turn the radio up.

I already thought of names for the baby. I'm pretty sure I'm going to name it Alaska if she's a girl or Maine if it's a guy; Alaska because I love the book Looking for Alaska and Maine because my favorite band is The Maine.

I'm pretty sure that if Parker had a say in this he'd totally object to the whole idea and want to name him/her/it something different. I'd expect him to want a really weird or really average name. Like Bob or Apple or like Pillow or something. You know like those weird celebrity baby names. Parker has always been a weird kid despite that he's '' to the world.

I mean I swear he's not perfect it's just a charade and it's insane how well he pulls it off. He was even voted Mr. Congeniality and won that Mr. Fairfax contest for our school.

But I guess he's not that bad looking…our child will be like beautiful considering that I'm pretty good looking myself. And at this point that's all he's good for- his genes because that's all need from him anyway.

Because no way in Hell will I come running to Parker Remington.

I don't need his money, his support, his love, his care or anything.

And I most certainly don't need to be the one waking up next to him every morning only because I'm the mother of his. I'm am definitely not an obligatory choice just so he'll do that 'right thing' and be with me.

Actually, I'm really doing him a favor- doing us both a favor.

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