Part 5.6 (end of chapter)

The abundant stars were spread wide apart like salt sprinkled on a black tablecloth as both dad and I gazed upon it. The streetlights were already off so the stars were brighter than ever.

"Such a magnificent view. We urban people never get see such a beautiful sky at night, it's too bright." I said to dad.

"I see this all the time and yet I never feel tired of it at all. It gives the mind a place to rest and the soul to cleanse itself. I believe your mum painted such an amazing piece of art for us to see. Helen you are always amazing." Dad soon started to yawn.

"Well time for me to hit the hay now son." He patted me in the back while I look at him.

"Wait you're just going to go to sleep now? But I still want to spend time with you." Dad looked at me drowsily, his was already ready to walk out of the kitchen.

"I'm tired my dear son. I love you as much as the next person but I need my beauty sleep as well."

"But aren't you leaving the next day? You might leave us again for another adventure."

"You see son you assume too much. Since when did I say I'm leaving again?" I was speechless.

" mean you're staying?"

"Well what cha expecting? Why do you think I lug my huge bag with me for, coconuts? I had enough travelling now and so I decided to settle down once more and to move back to stay with you all so surprise surprise!"

"What!? But...but I don't think I have any rooms left for you to stay." Dad gave me a blank look

"Oh please I lived in the wilderness for around twelve years already. I eat, sleep and poop wherever I want. It's gonna take more than room shortages to keep me away from my children, I can sleep on the couch or even outside if I want."

"I think I have a room for you, let me check..."

"It's ok I can sleep outside." He said it before he sneezed.

"Dad your catching a cold, how bout you sleep on a bed tonight, I could provide blankets for you."

"It's ok I'm fine, no cold is stopping me from doing whatever I want." He said glumly, his eyes were about to head south.

"So can I stay?" He questioned me and I nodded with approval. He yawned again.

"Great see you tomorrow."

"Goodnight dad." I said sincerely.

"Yeah whatever." He said to me lazily as he walked out of the living room and headed for the couch.

As I lied on bed, I began to ponder; the years just flew past very quickly. When crazy dad left the house, home was just downright depressing. And when Laurie when to college, it became worse. Living in the life of solitude, I slowly accepted that my life would be monotonous and quiet as I live my life the same every day. Now twelve years later, everyone came back and the apartment, once devoid of any human interaction slowly turns lively, I would have to admit that I couldn't fit in myself at first (irony at its finest). Dad was right, I lived my life in a stressful, fast-paced life that I forgot to just lie down and enjoy the whims and the joys life can provide. As I can see, I'm going to enjoy it from now on. It doesn't matter whether I'm arguing with Kirby over the most trivial of things or getting frustrated at dad's crazy antics or just having an intimate night with Olivia in the future, I know my life won't be so mundane from now on. I grinned as I close my eyes and let my consciousness drift away.

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