Notes: Imaginary Memories is a series of vignettes written from a prompt consisting of three (sometimes random) words. Each installment will vary in length and all will be concerning married life (more specifically, an international marriage). As these are not actual memories, but they are possible memories, I classify them as creative non-fiction.

About the author: I have several full-length novels and children's books in progress. Please visit my homepage for more information and all the drama involved with my writing and self-publishing! Thanks!

Soda, Snow, Sofa

It's a day for soda because, let's face it, it's warm. The sun is shining; the snow has all melted away to a distant dream of cold white now. Looking out the window, I can admire – and honestly admire, at that! – the white-coated mountains in the distance. Yes, it's cold there. Snow still owns those slopes. But that's all right; they can have the mountains...

"You wanna watch some TV?" my husband ventures.

I smile and draw the patio curtains closed. "Yeah," I reply.

Nope, no snow here. The snow is busy with its mountains. Me? I'll take the sofa... and a nice glass of soda.