Songs, Sheets, Sunshine

I hum as I hang up the just-laundered sheets to dry in the sun... and suddenly, I just... Stop.

I am humming as I do laundry.


OK, who put a doorstop under the planet? For surely it has stopped turning. Never, in the history of ever have I even been remotely agreeable when it comes to laundry. In fact, it's kind of amazing that I've voluntarily washed our sheets at all.

Ah, but that's it. These are our sheets. There are lots of things - I suddenly realize - that I do for us that I'd never (or almost never) do for just me.

Does that make me a better person? Or just more than I'd been on my own?

I'm honestly not sure.

I close the sliding doors to the balcony, leaving the laundry outside to bask in the sunshine and play in the breeze as it dries and I feel my expression wry-ify as I notice the state of the floor.

I should vacuum.

But not today. I'm pacing myself.