Bare bones against the ramshackle dilapidated house, this while the sun sinks in the sky/maybe
sleeping for the last time. We moved inside the burning barn and stood there while music played
loudly, burst our ear drums and we laughed/We didnt care. The world was on fire,/our eyes were on
fire and hearts and lungs too breathing tar and other dirty black things, we never felt so alive. This
while we died/ then thirsty we drank from lips bloody red and bleeding. Clavicles pressed so
closely/we danced, the wartime body battlefields blazing and cried. Hearts pounded beating
breaths that made us drunk,/and we drank it. Toxic and our vision blurred/hands grasping at hearts
and spades, we burst apart together while the ground tore beneath our feet. Darkness is heavy but
we swallowed it,/clogged our throats and eyes. Too hot in our skin/They didnt bury us.