We're an absolutely crazy bunch.

Everyone (except me) hovering over everyone's lunch.

There are just too many of us in our team.

When we talk all together we all need to scream.

But what bugs me is the cold war game.

Even more because I think I deserve the blame.

I swore I'd keep my group together,

I swore we'd be by each others' side forever.

But I was the first one to walk away.

When I look back, I regret it today.

I'm the one who gave up what actually mattered.

I'm the one who let my place in my team be shattered.

And now the crack is expanding.

The divisions are becoming long-standing.

We are misunderstanding each other.

I know it's their personal life and I have no right to bother.

But these are my best friends.

I want all of us to last together, this should never end.

I feel horrible knowing I could have tried to

Avoid this from happening; there was so much I could do!

But now I'm gonna pull everyone back together again.

Come on guys, it's senior year, don't be such a pain!

I feel left out these days, like I'm an outsider.

And it's totally my fault; I'm the one who let go of the ladder.

I miss them so much it literally hurts.

What was I thinking! I'm the opposite of smart!

What I did was completely stupid.

Yes, it benefited me, but I regret it.

I'm gonna dive back in; I can't let these little bugs loom.

They're still my best friends, for me they'd make some room.

We love each other; we know it in our hearts.

I know I won't let silly little things tear us apart.

I've been a selfish bitch for way too long,

But now I'm going back to the place where I belong…

A/N: they'd kill me if they *ever* find this one. Seriously. *shudders* well, this can act as my sorry poem, since the only response I get when I say I wanna be fully back is *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* -_-