I feel terrible right now after a fight with my best friend.

It's mostly her fault but maybe I should apologize and make this end?

I felt really bad today when she got angry and started to shout.

But I guess she's just as stressed as me, she needs to get it out.

And I guess I was actually being quite annoying and a real pain.

Maybe I shouldn't have asked the same question again and again.

I know we're competitors, but I won't let it destroy our friendship.

Which friends don't fight? I'll just never let it go too deep.

Well, she's always there, so I don't need to worry.

Tomorrow I'll make it up to her after I say sorry.

I know tomorrow we'll forget everything and act normal.

After all, you don't stay mad for long at your best pal…

A/N: and I know what she'll say if I ever make (let) her read this: "I'll slap you/Will you shut up/you're crazy/uggghhh" XD :P