Everybody Lives, Everybody Dies

Drugs and violence, love and compassion; they all bleed into one.

The world keeps turning, people keep learning, and we're burnt by the fire of the sun.

A heart is given away here, another one stops beating there;

But everyone's got somewhere to be, all too busy to care.


We all walk in the shadow of life, whilst life hides in the shadow of death.

It's hard to see, hard to be free, when everyone's struggling for breath.

Love is choking, hatred raging, and guilt it stabs like a knife;

And we're all too wrapped up in smiling to concentrate on strife.


Between truth and lies there is a fine line, but that line has lost its place;

Lies can protect you, impossible to see through, but it's written on everyone's face.

We're all chasing after something, and being chased at the same time;

We need what we need and want what we want, forgetting justice and crime.


Voices sound across airwaves, as confused messages play in the brain;

Too young to choose, there's nothing to lose, and there's also nothing to gain.

Headlines are screaming from stands, while televisions play too loud,

Someone speaks out but nobody listens in this bustling, angry crowd.


With silent prejudice we stumble through, our minds and eyes wide shut;

We're sure we know best, ignore the rest, as with our words like knives we cut.

Someone is born and then somebody dies, but nobody seems to mind;

With schedules and rules we move from place to place, taking all we can find.


What strangers we all are, to the previous people who walked the earth;

We admire the view, but ruin it too, using anyone and anything of worth.

We all earn and gain knowledge, fall in love - do what we can to survive;

Even though everyone knows with life, no-one gets out alive.

I'm quite proud of this one, for once! It took a while to write, and is hopefully a little deeper than some of my others. I hope it was okay anyway, and I'd love to know your thoughts. Reviews are more than welcome!

X =D